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John Davenport

Who you may remember from such films as: The Bigger They Come…, Full Grown Full Blown, Bad Boys Club, Hard Men (No Strings Attached – see above pic), and of course, one of my all time favorites (because of the scene he’s in) Big Guns

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Not to mention Powertool, one of the best-selling pornographic videocassettes ever, and among the most famous gay porn films of all time. I was always impressed by Johnny’s cumshots – what a gusher.

This is fabulous! Welcome back Vint70sLvr! Let me call you Vint for short! : )

Let me mark and celebrate this day, August 1, 2021, when VINT RETURNS – perfect beginning! : 0

I was so bummed, when it looked like your great site would be down forever! : (

Just now, I actually went through your complete Vintage section – all 35 pages! : I

It’s so disappointing, that so many great gay porn sites have shut down! It started with Tumblr. No thanks to Google! : /

I hope you last a long time. It really looks like bjland, is the only one we can depend on! : /

Sorry to go on a tangent, BJ honey, but this celebration also includes you! You should feel flattered! : )

Vint is always “appropriating” (i.e. stealing) from your site! I say, you can never have too many gay porn sites, especially VINTAGE ALL-MALE PORN! : )

The competition is friendly, so who can complain? You need competition, in order to inspire incentive and creativity! It keeps everyone on their toes! Let the free market reign! : 0

Yes, I’m a capitalist, you commies! ; )

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