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leatherworld – George Payne

A bit more George Payne.

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Yes, I know this post is about the beautiful George Payne; but your posts wonderfully allow me to segue, to other models as well. This is in continuation of your recent posts, spotlighting blonds.

Let me further celebrate that diamond stud, Bruce Craig! I can’t resist! I was pretty overwhelmed when I first discovered him – breathtaking! I wonder if he’s a distant relative to Daniel Craig. Just kidding!

You know I love to name-drop. Bruce reminds me both of Richard Jaeckel and Ty Hardin. You’re probably not familiar with either of those two, blond actors. But I’m pretty sure that Parisian is!

I found this picture below; on the pretentious, French website, Homodesiribus.

As I said above, even his asshole is pretty! If only he made more than two films!


I said before that Jim French had a knack for finding stunning, ethereally handsome blond men, for Colt.

Devlin was another one of his golden paragons!

Ralston Hale was also an erotic angel!

In my last comment regarding Jack Wrangler, I described him as a “blond bruiser “or a “brusque blond”.

I mentioned John Pruitt and Roger Canyon, as a CONTRAST to him, since they both were ethereal and elegant. I never implied he resembled them or Phillips Holmes, for that matter – just the opposite.
: /

Are we clear now, Parisian? : )

; )

Well, I doubt it, but no matter. I guess you could call him a ‘blond bruiser’, but I wouldnt. He’s still got a little delicacy from that semi-posh upbringing. And he’s sweet. What I wanted to respond to was Ty Hardin. Yes, on the television countless times, but I also saw him in Columbus, Ohio as a tiny child when my much older brother was a professor at Ohio State U. onstage in Teahouse of the August Moon I am sorry to report that I think that play is a breakneck bore and Mr. Hardin is a thoroughly inept actor.

Bruce Craig – yum! the other two – meh! and its not just the generic bods, but the bland faces… (if either of you are reading this, my apologies)

but I at least got to trade out a better version of the GEORGE PAYNE, replaced it with something scanned, not a photo of the magazine image – and look at SUPER PEC George Payne seemingly so flat-chested! awesome!

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