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help! (…. in the name of leather)

So…… during this August heat wave, who doesn’t think “LEATHER!!”?? Need y’alls help here – trying to come up with a list of vintage (1985ish and before) leather-themed gay pornos – and to get us started, thought I post this promo clip from a classic from 1982 – post the names of films in the comments, if y’all don’t mind – THANKS!! (in the name of leather)

Director: Mac Larson (aka Joe Gage) (1983)
Starring: Daniel Holt, Gerry Condit, Mickey Squires, O’Bannion, Jason MacBride, Everett MacDonald, Bob Shane, Roy Garrett, Tharon Davis, Jeff Stone and Wayne Stephans. OOOOOPS! no one saw the mistake, and it’s been on my JOE GAGE page for years – wrong cast!!! – here’s the correct one:

Daniel Holt, Keith Anthoni, John Schaft, Gerry Condit, Jeff Stone, Garrison Belt, Bill Anawitt, Tharon Davis, Tristan Carson

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OK – I’ll start:

Nights In Black Leather (1973)
Born To Raise Hell (1975)
Leather Narcissus (1978??)
Men Between Themselves (1975??)
A Night at Halsted’s (1981)
Faces (1985)
Nighthawk in Leather (1982)
Sleaze (1982)
Workout (1982)
Chain Reactions (1984)

Leather Narcissus might have been 1971, here’s the gevi page —

In fact I went to gevi and searched film titles including the word ‘leather’ and came up with quite a few from the 70s or early/mid 80s, the links for ones I don’t see mentioned yet follow (some are either compilations or shorts, or they have very little info):

ugh! making me do so much work – clicking on each link!! (sideways winky face!) – starting with Leather Narcissus – dating that will be hard – as his own description has multiple dates, including beginning of filming in the 1960’s – the lead character, “Fernando” – I just don’t think he was “on the scene” in 1971 – and the production company as P M Productions makes me laugh – as they simply bought and distributed it in maybe 1980 (or later).

Will get to the others later!

LOL you poor baby! Had I known how to turn each one into a link that shows the title instead of just the web address I may have done so, but it’s not my blog. I do hope they help, though obviously not every film or scene that includes leather will have that word in the title, it’s a pretty good guess that the one including that word will show some. I look forward to seeing your full list someday, even if it can never be complete- cheers Beej.

so far – Leather ‘n Things is my fave title. Some require more research, like the Kennith Holloway film.

Looking at Kennith’s list of films (on gevi, I won’t link anymore lol) I know I’ve seen Job Site before, with hunky stoner David Ashfield; and Rodeo with Pierce Daniels and Michael Christopher looks pretty familiar. But I don’t think I’ve ever seen the Leathermen / Midnight Special one that I linked to before, and a quick online search didn’t lead me to any website that looked trustworthy enough to click on. Of the three listed actors in Midnight Special the only one who was in other films was Steve West, who was in These Bases Are Loaded and a few other Laguna Pacific films.

should I include these from ROGER EARL – my hesitation is they are 1988/89, and also recorded on video (ugggh) –

– Pictures from the Black Dance (Dungeons of Europe, an S&M Trilogy 1)
– Like Moths To A Flame (Dungeons of Europe, an S&M Trilogy 2)
– Men With No Name (Dungeons of Europe, an S&M Trilogy 3)

(somewhere above I already include these – Born To Raise Hell, Chain Reactions, Faces)

I was obsessed with this movie I had a DVD that was not the complete movie but a compilation then when I found the actual movie I found that the completion was better than the movie I loved the new age music that accompanied it.Do you consider FalconHead a Leather movie its been so long since I’ve seen it I remember two scenes the Leatherman/Falcon and the man who fell in love with his own image.

YES! both Falconhead (1972) and Falconhead II: The Maneaters (1983) should be on the “leather” list!

Just thought of another one, what about the dream sequence scene in Getting It, with the billowing disco smoke?

I own a Out of Print vhs tape of Paul Morris’s ;The Phoenix Before, its a Treasure Island Media tape.
It’s a very twisted Kink video. I kind of feel TIM would rather forget they ever made such a film as it’s never mentioned on any of their web sites or blogs. It is listed on the Gay Erotic Video Index which is where I found your link.

I’ve searched the internet and cannot find anyone who has this tape.
I wanted to ask if you had any interest or know of a collector who might be interested.
Or perhaps I should list this on .ebay.
Hope to hear from you.


Sorry – don’t know about this tape or who might be interested – and yes, an eBay sale might be the way to go. Just be prepared that it might not sell the first time around, as less people are looking in the VHS adult section.

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