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Marine Set Up

Butch McAlister & Clay Russell

“CLAY, the hunky leatherdude, likes to hang around military camps . . . especially where the marines are stationed. BUTCH, a macho type leatherneck, wants to hitch a ride into town for some action, but happens to be particular about who he wants to ride with. Butch is quite aware about how to display his assets in order to get a ride. Needless to say, when that gorgeous hunk of man comes down the road in his pickup truck just outside the military base, Butch checks him out and doesn’t hesitate in taking advantage of the ride offered. As it turns out Clay owns a bar in town and decides to take Butch there for a couple of beers. Also how about a game of pool? Butch gets those hot rock buns over the edge of the pool table to “break the balls.” Clay zero’s in to take advantage of that macho marine’s ass to “bust his balls.” When the leatherneck gets his what for spread over the pool table it isn’t with any cue stick. Well, as the rest of the old saying goes, ‘The Marines Have Landed!‘”

from the 1979 film and magazine, Marine Set Up

While Clay has done a bazillion films, such as: Behind the Greek Door, Snowballing, Fast Friends,The Boys of Venice, Head for the Shower, Marine Set Up, Hot Off The Press, Trick Time, El Paso Wrecking Corp, HEATSTROKE, and Leather Daddy Clay (and a bunch of leather, daddy, cop variations in the 90’s) and much much more; Butch has only done a handful – 3 with Clay – The Boys of Venice, Head for the Shower, Marine Set Up, and perhaps only one other, uncredited: Call Me Ruf and Ready – from Fred Halsted’s / COSCO Studio Earthman series.

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Okay, if they weren’t lovers, they definitely were “fuck buddies”. They almost seem, joined at the hip. I read on a comment, that Butch McAlister’s nick name was “Piggy”. I wonder if that’s true. : )

Butch and Clay were apparently lovers/partners. I wonder if Butch is still alive? Clay apparently is and was a bartender in Southern CA.

one of the kazillion “projects” i have stored in my head – sort the “hairy Clay” movies from the “shaved back Clay” movies – can I get a grant for that?

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