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Jim Cassidy

Jim Cassidy, (guy in striped shirt) who you may remember from such early 1970’s films as Desires of the Devil, California Supermen, The Specimen, Lodestar, Waterbed and The Light from the Second Story Window – can’t recall where these pics came from, and have no idea who is gobbling up Jim’s cock.

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Thanks for this, BJ. I know you’re not that big of a fan of his (I sure am!), so this post is especially poignant. He was only in gay porn, early from about 1970 to 1974. So it’s probably not a surprise, that he’s rather unheralded.

I’m hopeful that because of the internet, he’s become better known. He deserves it. He was quite a pioneer. He now has his own Wikipedia page. He died in 2013 at age 70. I hope he knew how much he was appreciated, by his gay fans.

Let me also thank you again for your blog. Where else can you find information about vintage porn? Now that Tumblr is shamefully censoring material, your website has never been so valuable. : )

you are right – it is mostly because of the era – my prime “porn viewing” began at age 18, 1979, at the Bijou in Chicago – and then later in NYC from ’83 on – so much of the pre-1975 stuff was rarely shown.

I only have one “real issue” with him – he tends to do the “gut suck” when posing – totally unnecessary with his physique!! but quite distracting when you see his ribs!

Boy, how I love this stud! As I’ve said earlier above, I hope he knew how much he was appreciated by his fans, before he passed on. Because of the internet, quite a number of vintage porn stars have gotten a second wind of exposure. So because of that, I trust that he did. : )

I don’t tend to like pictures of nude men sleeping. But this link below is a notable exception. Thank you Buck Naked!

Let me quote Horatio’s farewell to Hamlet, written by William Shakespeare:

“Good-night, sweet prince; and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.”

; )

sleeping pics can be great….. but this one? how do his balls do that? you’d think someone so OBSESSED with “enhanced” photos would wonder about those balls defying gravity!

here, let me fix that for you….

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