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Clay Russell and Butch McAllister (AKA Stash Pulaski) in a pickup truck by the ocean – The Cowboy scene from The Boys of Venice (1979)

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hey friend,
Your unknown man for the May 18, 2010 (The Unvanquished) with the awesome stache is Coe Faulkner. Sorry to contact you here, but I could not find another way to let you know as the comments were closed on that particular post.

hey thanks – when I first moved over to wordpress from blogger, I didn’t want comments – then later changed my mind, so its a bit sporadic back then – but I’ve opened it up for that post – and now, I’m thinking, how could I not recognize that mustache!!!

Thank you so much BJ, for this difficult to find, picture of “Stash Pulaski”. Yes indeed, he was a Colt man. You’d be surprised to learn, who posed for Colt, because their pictures aren’t as well known. Blue Blake is another example. Jim French aka Rip Colt, like Lou Thomas aka Jon Target, would often use models who weren’t conventionally handsome, but were still undeniably hot. They had the “It” factor.

So many stars in gay porn, had contact with Jim French. One could easily play “The Six Degrees of Jim French” game for fun.

This may be of interest to you, if you haven’t already read it. I bought the original magazine issue when it first came out. : )

thanks for the link – I got 2 paragraphs in last night, and had to get off computer, and hope to get to it tonight. i did not know Blue Blake did work for Colt – funny, he doesn’t appeal to me in stills, but I have seen some good video scenes (now if i was too subtle – this is a dare to prove me wrong, and dig up some Colt Blue Blake!!)

I’ve only seen one Colt picture of Blue Blake (ass shot) in a Colt Leather Calendar. I don’t remember which year it was. Blake writes about his experience with Jim French, in this excerpt from his 2008 book.

It’s probably next to impossible, to find the photo. : (

UPDATE! Wow, you won’t believe this! I accidentally found the picture of Blue Blake, that I mentioned above. It’s actually on the Colt website, under the strange name of “Glen Garrity”. I was looking for another model. Blake is pretty disguised, but you can still tell it’s him. (I hope this works. Scroll way down.)

He posed alone, and with his “twin brother”, Gage. (They’re not really related. That’s a relief!) Gage Blake is listed under the name “Warren Garrity”

As you know, this isn’t the first time that the “twins” posed together. Here’s their layout from “[2] MAG” magazine. That magazine is now defunct, but it was pretty hot in its day. Of the two “brothers”, I would have to say that Gage was the sexiest.

Blue Blake is also a mixed bag for me as well. Like you, I enjoyed his movies with his then boyfriend, Bull Stanton. His dick wasn’t attractive to me, but his big ass, sure was. I enjoyed watching him get fucked.

I would describe him as being “Rubenesque”. I like beefy guys, as long as their waists aren’t bigger than their chests. They need to have a V-shape, like the muscle bears. Others might describe Blue Blake as being, “fit-fat”. His critics would probably say he was more fat, than fit. : )

I like this picture below. It recalls his photos with Colt:

All in all, I did like the late, Blue Blake. He was funny and articulate in interviews, and had a great attitude. ; )

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