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Probably best known for his role in The Other Side of Aspen 2, opposite Giorgio Canali, Tony was in only a few films.

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THANK YOU for this photo of a great guy and very very sexy man. I long loved Tonys’ photos and wished he’d done more films. My favourite? His liaison with Giorgio Canali in Aspen 2…
Any more shots of Mr. Bravo are always welcome, and PS thanks for your great work!

Luscious boy–and cute and baby-faced but super-butch. Delighted to find out it’s the same one. The socks and shoes are very funny. I should get hold of that film–perfect for Canali.

Dear BJ, First, thanks for the whole Tony Bravo ‘argyle socks’ photo. I’ve been seeking a good scan of that shot for years, and your kindness has supplied it.
Now, since I’m here, a question of sorts: while you have featured innumerable wonderful men both famous and more obscure, I note that you haven’t featured Nick Harmon ever. Harmon fascinates me, as he veered off some time ago from the ‘mainstream’ to create custom fetish videos on his own site, and he covers a lot of categories! That’s one reason I like him, besides a face and body and voice that appeal to me. So I’m wondering if you might, at some point, do a picture of him? He did do a video for Zeus, some mainstream vanilla porn, and a few more obscure items before going off on his own. He’s an entrepreneur I can’t help but admire. Not to mention that face, that body, that voice and oh, that ass!
Thanks again for your great work.

first, thanks for enjoying the site! While I figured you may be correct on my “coverage” of Nick, I did a quick look just in case – a mention of him as a sexpartner of Jack Lofton in Ranger Nick and what appears to be a snarky remark or tow about his professional house cleaning / handyman business, as well as noticing him at The Lure’s final night seems to be all I’ve done on Nick! but I do remember actually enjoying him in Ranger Nick (but apparently not enough, as I sold it, and the sequel on eBay many years ago) and definitely his accent! and I could go all silly on you with this pic – acid-washed jeans!! – but to make a long answer a bit shorter, sure, I’ll see what I can dig up!

I tried without luck going through my boxes of photos to find the photos I have of Nick Harmon at a house party in the valley in 1992. I remember him as a nice guy and 5’7″ at the most.

Nick wasn’t the only cleaner. In around 2008 hired Jack Lofton, who was advertising nude house cleaning on Craig’s List to clean my place. We talked about several people and the studio he briefly owned. And he did a good job of cleaning.

Nick Harmon is, I confess, a total obsession with me. I’m fascinated by his not only appearing in ‘mainstream’ porn but then veering off to create his own business, which is a track I don’t think too many pornstars follow. Those behind the camera, yes, but the men themselves not too often. Not to mention being so fantastically sexy, at least for this viewer! I find it intriguing that his independent work (i.e. under the heading of Fetish Hunks) rarely shows up on sites devoted to porn history.
Thanks for any effort given.

Tony’s other well known role was as the prison guard in Powertool. He has a scene with Jeff Stryker later in the film, but it’s when he has Jeff strip during the opening credits that I really noticed what a good looking guy he was then. Some trivia about Powertool: also during the credits there’s a scene where Jeff is standing in front of a judge who keeps looking down his glasses at him, the judge cameo was played by director John Travis.

I’m pretty sure I saw that, and should have remembered him, since I certainly prefer him to Stryker, who always bored me. He was purely mechanical, even compared to some of today’s porn guys. But it would have been a Jeff Stryker film that I saw in a theater, he’d be central to it, and I probably wasn’t paying much attention. So we go way into the 80s and 90s. I like some of the current Lucas guys as much as all but a few of the 70s guys, but there was a scene then; there’s not so much now.

Stryker was interesting, though, in that article about some of the most successful porn stars in the mid-90s in The New Yorker, when Tina Brown still had control, and almost everything, including the fiction, had a heavy odour of sex. The article featured Stryker, coarse Ron Jeremy and T. T. Boy. The writer seemed to be looking for the guilt Stryker would feel when his son found out how he’d made all that money for mansions on Mulholland Drive and some place in Missouri, said he spoke with an ‘old-man’s raspy voice’. Stryker seemed to confirm this somewhat. But The New Yorker overplays that sort of thing because the journalist is usually jealous. This happened with Tom Jones, when asked about the panties thrown at him at his performances. The reporter managed to keep from saying anything about his obviously bored expression by that point. But it was after that that Stryker was in ‘Naked Boys Singing’ in that off-B’way theater down 7th Ave. South, so probably a matter of someone reading too much tragedy into something that was mainly just not that profound because of his/her own sexual hangups.

In any case, I much prefer Bravo now that I see him, he’s got a stronger face than Stryker, whose looked weirdly slack-jawed, like a collapsed Brando + other 50s icons.

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