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Breathtaking and totally aesthetic. I looked at some of your Cadinot archives. Do you know who this particular knockout is? Have you other photos? Fabulous Prick, scarf and easy nonchalance. It says ‘tendres voyous’, but may have not been translated literally, which would be ‘Tender Thugs’.

I have a couple other shots from the magazine – but alas, not much info – guess is late 1970’s I’ve always been a bigger fan of his photography than his films – probably because I associate his films with men on the really young side – but deserving a re-look, of course!

Thanks–yes, I didn’t even know about Cadinot till the 80s, and saw some of the films, some very good (definitely liked ‘Carnival in Venice’, including the girls), some disappointing. Had not known of his mags and photography till here, and wish I had. Last pic is so racy–the guy on the left is much like the one posted, but with cock ring and those marvelous marks on his pecs, maybe tattoos? Never saw any like that, but they’re sensational on him. ‘Strolche’ is German for ‘rascals’ acc. to Google Translate, so that and ‘Ruffians’–but I still like the ring of ‘Tender Thugs’, because such a thing is so innately desirable. Some of these boys definitely are that.

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