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roughin’ it

Al Parker, Daniel Holt, Chris Allen in Rangers – these stills (as imperfect as they are) from a magazine called Roughin’ It . That’s Holt’s cock slid into Parker’s tied up dick – kindy ouch! but still awfully hot – especially for recipient Chris Allen!

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It’s interesting that there’s another version of this scene, complete with Mr. Parker’s dick pussy as he called it, but it’s set outside and a burly bear replaces Chris Allen. It’s clear that it was intended as part of Rangers, but didn’t show up until it was used in A Nigh Alone with Al Parker. I have no idea why two such similar scenes were filmed for one film. Any ideas?

yes yes! no idea why’ perhaps re-shot because a blonde was considered more desirable at the time? (thanks, Falcon!) – anyway, still haven’t gotten that scene with Zeke James, but here’s a link to a pic – and GEVI lists J. D. Slater in the scene with bear Zeke; but I have a pic (buried, somewhere) with Daniel Holt!

It’s definitely Mr. Holt in the alternate version – he does an amazingly spastic attempt at chopping wood with a big ax. I actually think the outdoors version is the better of the two – more footage of Mr. Parker, include 69-style pushups on Mr.James, and a good slo-mo cum shot all over his face. It’s readily available on the web.

heehee! yeah, after replying yesterday, I saw I have a digital version – not good, not sure worth uploading, but forgot about how quickly Dan got tired wielding that ax!

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