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Hunks Annual #3

from Hunks Annual #3 (1981) – one of those 100+-page compilations of pics – including this one of Paul Baressi. Don’t know where it comes from originally.

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NICE! to see Paul Baressi, especially looking like this! He’s part of a group of men who’ve long fascinated me, who certainly show up in ‘mainstream’ porn but more often are in fetish or their own productions, Nick Harmon is my other personal obsession on this one. Baressi, who did straight and gay porn, magazines, fashion, and even got connected with John Travolta at one moment of the past. Damn fine man who aged well.
Thanks for posting such fine materials!

What a strange, varied career. I’ve always wondered why he didn’t become more prominent as a leading man in straight films, as he seemed to have it all.

Any news/photos of Mr. B in the last few years? He seems to have pretty much disappeared.

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