"vintage" porn stars Al Parker bear

Parker, Holt, and James

(sounds like a 70’s soul group) – anyway…… you’ve seen this bear in a previous post (bear-parker-cock) – and we all seem to agree that it probably was shot for Rangers, but for some unknown reason got cut, and appeared in A Night Alone with Al Parker (1988).

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Have you ever considered doing a deep dive into Daniel Holt? If you have before I didn’t land on it after searching for his name. Quite a few films to his credit, many of them memorable such as 501, Alleycats, The Last Surfer, Non-Stop, X-tra Large, Job Site and of course, Rangers. I was going to reply to your post where you included the clip of Daniel chopping wood while Al and Zeke saw the log, but there were no comments on this one.

Found this pic of Daniel from a 1984 Studflix and, oh my. What. A. Dick! I am confident he and the guys he was with, had hours of pleasure with that appendage in the mix. From the sounds of it he had his demons in real life but he definitely seems like the type of guy you highlight regularly around here.

i have to say, i have considered it – but he’s not even in the 40+ drafts – he’s got well over 40 films! and magazine appearances – but you never know…. and to complicate matters more – he’s had enough face time with silly dialogue, that that alone could be an extensive post – like Therapy, when at the end of each session, he explains the “Casanova Complex”; or Making It Huge, where he’s director, or dean, or something, at the The Crawford Academy of Performing Arts…. oh I could go on!(and yes, it’s a fantastic dick)…

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