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Barry Hoffman (1974, 1975)

I’m not great on documenting porn stars’ lives, especially later in life (WEHT stuff), as my interest remains pretty much what’s on the magazine page, what’s in the film. As best as I can tell, Barry Hoffman’s first film was Target Studio’s Dune Fox (1975) and followed by Brentwood’s Hayride (1976) and then Falcon’s Three in a Barn (1977) followed by work for Cosco Studios, Athletic Model Guild, and Old Reliable ( see GEVI listing for Barry Hoffman) but to me the most interesting is still his earliest, his work for/with Target Studios.

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Someone mentioned that Joe Buck in ‘Midnight Cowboy’ was based on Hoffman. I would have thought this just a fascinating fact and good to know, but I just looked to see when the book was published–1965. It’s interesting that the peak of his modelling career is mid-70s. Of course, that’s not impossible, and I see he was born in 1949–although that would have made him 16 years old and younger… I was probably imagining his relationship with Herlihy as something like Christopher Isherwood’s with Don Bachardy, but there had been no reason to think that, especially knowing how young he was in 1965. Couldn’t find Hoffman anywhere else.

Thanks for the correction, Parisian. I noticed this detail too, and would have posted it, but I was too lazy. Fact-checking the timeline, I also don’t believe that the Joe Buck character in “Midnight Cowboy”, was inspired by Barry Hoffman. He would have been too young.

I think that claim was made by someone on an Old Reliable website. Maybe it was even David Hurles himself, but don’t quote me!

Let’s also not forget that when he was very young, Barry posed for Champion Studio, under the name Jeff Reardon.

In this link below, you see two stacked pictures of him, which I believe were taken in the middle, or late ‘60’s.

The bottom picture on the bed, was probably a still of his first photoset. The top picture must have been taken a bit later, when he first got the distinctly crude tattoo, on his left bicep. Does it say “REBEL” or “REPEL”? I could never tell.

It’s fascinating how boyish, fresh, and open, his face is here. It’s nothing like the stoic mask, he would later mature into. He’s almost twinkish!

In this link below, is probably the last known picture that he took. Once again, it’s was for Old Reliable, and probably taken, right before that studio shut down. So he’s been posing in the buff for decades! Like a mainstream actor, you’re able to view how he aged – fascinating. (Brace yourself!),+Barry23+++Bill+Barry+Hoffman.JPG

I’ve always been fascinated by Barry Hoffman, but I can’t really describe myself as a fan. There are too many aspects of him, I find off-putting. He’s the epitome of white trash, rough trade. He turns me on, and off, in about equal measures. : /

But I can certainly understand his appeal. ; )

oh my – from just your post alone – I would say I am a “mid-career” Barry fan – the early pic kinda repels me, I would’ve never given another look but for that cock; and Old Reliable years, from the stills anyway, also don’t do much for me (and the middle-finger pointed at you from a “str8” guy was never my thing, although I find Old Reliable fascinating for non-getting off reasons)

My taste is much like yours here, B.J. I like the mid-career more glamorous look. Maybe I like late 20s/early 30s the best–just a touch of the jaded. Toby did his beautiful work at that age and, I suppose, Canali was about that age for most of what we are familiar with. Sometimes I can really like a very innocent young boy, but even then there’s usually a sense of a good deal of experience. I can’t think of one from our old period (interesting that I lived that period of porn and spent so much time fucking at the Old Adonis which was such a paradise,yet know about .01% as much about it as you do! about 12-14 years younger, I’m guessing from your early 00s blogposts), although I’ve seen a couple of top contemporary stars who were more delectable when very young, like Darius Ferdynand, who is still exquisite but, as so many nowadays do, got way, way too buffed. Max Arion is a fantastic Lucas Man. Oh yes, remember I recently discovered here how stunning Mark Rutter was when very young–and also mid-career in that jaw-dropping suit, such an elegant frame for an even more elegant basket.

Thanks for the links, Obsessed. Yes, very fresh but I find the talent definitely benefited in this case with the photos B.J. has posted here. Sort of an odd odyssey from ‘fresh’ to ‘natural beauty’, but that’s my impression. Oh my god, the mesh G-string and that pink stuffed creature. The last one is rather tragic and not so sexy, but I like it better than some of the older ones’ photos, like Scott O’Hara, but that’s not such a good example, as I am not especially a fan of his at any age. Like your sense of ‘white trash, rough trade’ for Hoffman, I find O’Hara rather chronically deranged, and that turns me off (no offense anyone, I know he has lots of fans here.)

All interesting. Thanks again, both.

WEHT (what ever happened to) Barry Hoffmann? I know he was bisexual, spent time in jail, and lived with author James Leo Herlihy for awhile and was the inspiration for the character Joe Buck in the novel midnight cowboy, is he still alive? Or did he die from AIDS or a drug overdose?

Read my and Obsessed comments above. If you do know he was the inspiration for Joe buck, please enlighten us. I just looked him up in GEVI and it said he was born in 1949 and ‘Midnight Cowboy’ was published in 1965. Sure, he could have been the inspiration, but we’d like to know for sure, since that means he was 14 or 15. I never read the book but the movie has Jon Voight’s Joe Buck who is considerably older–or at least 19 or 20 (haven’t seen it for a long time.)

As I mentioned, it’s not impossible, but would seem fairly unusual for someone so young–or rather, he could have inspired him in some ways but not likely he’d have done all those things in New York by age 15. I think I need to read the book anyway; I think I’ve read the movie takes a lot of liberties with it.

Will all due respect,your comment is the exact one you wrote on the immediate post below, with the 4 identical photos of Barry’s face. So did you just copy and paste it? You could definitely consider reading what Obsessed and I have written.

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