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testing (comments)

so comments no longer “nest” – you can’t respond to a comment directly – and it seems like all my old posts have lost the “nested” comments! arrrggghhhhhg

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Ah, Eric Stryker. NASA couldn’t tabulate all the sperm I shot over that final scene in “A Matter of Size” with him and Bill Henson riding Doug Weston’s fat dick,

Roy. I LOVE that scene, too. I love when Bill and Eric’s lavish asses are stacked one atop the other. I love Bill’s cheery, “We’re game.” Masculine butt-sex at its best.

Well, since we’re on the subject of “stud-muffins”…

Sorry to be so opportunistic. I know this is a non-sequitur. But I just couldn’t resist the chance to post yet another link, to Dennis Johnson, and his various aliases. He’s become, quite an obsession with me – such a doll!

He’s always so serious! Here’s a rare image of him grinning. Thank you Buck Naked!

As you know, I LUV muscles! Well-built “hotties (aka stud-muffins)” during his era, were pretty rare.

I’ll try not hijack, another of your posts in the future. (Notice I said, “try”.) ; )

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