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Neal Shaw

who you may remember from such films as

  • His Own Man – part of the Every Which Way collection (1983) – solo performance (if you don’t count the zucchini)
  • Big Horn Peak – part of the Easy Entry collection (1983) – partnered with Michael Christopher, where they share the grandeur of nature
  • Magic of Power – part of the Triple Treat collection (1983) – partnered with Frank Vickers – Neal’s dream of Frank
  • Chip Off the Old Block (1984) – paired with Chris Allen
  • What the Big Boys Eat (1985) – Neal Shaw is hired by director Michael Christopher to be featured in their advertising campaign for a new cereal

magazines: Colt’s SPURS 8, SPURS 17; COLT CALENDAR MEN #4: Leather; MANDATE Aug 1983; ADVOCATE MEN Nov 1984, Sept 1985, March 2001; Jock Dec 1986

5 replies on “Neal Shaw”

Thank you for mentioning “Big Horn Peak”. Yeah, he was pretty wonderful, wasn’t he? And the curly top was playful! I have to say though, I prefer him clean-shaven. Wow, that last picture! On top of everything else, great about him, he was also athletic and flexible! He must have been a real dynamo in bed – a fantastic fuck! He might leave you pleasantly exhausted – Satisfaction Guaranteed! : p

All these pictures are great, but as I said before, I prefer handsome Neal Shaw, clean-shaven. For this particular reply, you’ll see why that‘s relevant. (I hope these links work!)

You may have noticed how I enjoy making correlations between male celebrities, and porn stars. It’s fun! I’m a queer, so of course I love both. The resemblance doesn’t necessarily have to be physically exact. We’re not talking “spitting image”. Sometimes, it’s just their essence, bearing, or manner.

It finally dawned on me, who Neal Shaw reminds me of. It was always, just on the tip of my tongue. You’re younger than me, so this film reference might be before you time.

Fantasy/Adventure actor, Kerwin Mathews! Did you know he was “family”?

Same basic shape of the face, same nose, same warm eyes, same curly thick hair, brushed neatly back – What do you think?

Don’t get me started on other examples! That would be too self-indulgent. And you know me. I’m never self-indulgent! Always precise and strictly to the point – I would never dream of hijacking your topics! ; )

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