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a still pic with Michael Christopher and Beau Matthews, from Arthur Bressan’s Pleasure Beach (1983).

I’ll probably have to watch the film to see who’s in that poster – this pic cuts off the head.

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You see the full poster better in later scenes, I screencapped a few of the best shots I could find. The middle image was the reflection in a mirror, that’s why the towel is draping the other way on his neck.

I can’t tell who it is, if anyone famous or just some random guy. Maybe BJ or someone else recognizes him?

zephyr – it wants me to sign in – odd, cuz I was able to view briefly last night on my phone! didn’t look recognizable, so was hoping to see it “bigger” on the PC. thanks for trying – anyway else able to see?

I whizzed through the movie and froze the picture–it seems a drawing or painting to me too, but not sure. Goodlooking face, maybe Hispanic, part black maybe, with tall hair and clipped beard (but not like the extremely styled facial hair of today.) I had trouble with the sign-in too so decided to leave that alone.

They’ve changed a bunch of things around on imgur, I attempted to link directly to the image but I got a strange message the first time I tried to open it just now as well. It’s not a “mature” image, meaning I didn’t include any of the naughty bits on Michael or anyone else in what I snipped. Odd, wish they would just leave shit alone once I’ve learned how to do it (I’d imagine there’s a lot of people like me in that regard). Maybe this might work? It’s the same image but not a direct link this time, the only different part is the missing “i.” just after the http and the slashes:

If this one works you can make it bigger by clicking on it. Whoever it is does look a bit familiar but I’m not landing on a name or where I saw him before.

zephyr – thanks – i can only view on my phone! so funny, but links you sent – but here it is, in case anyone else can decipher. At this point, I’m going with sexy drawing.

Thanks for copying it over here, and sorry to anyone who tried and failed to view it via my links above. Those were the best three of the screencaps I made watching your link of the film from comment #3, then I just made them all approximately the same height and lined them up next to each other. I’m trying to figure out what those marks are above both of his shoulders, it looks like pillow creases maybe? That might indicate that it is a drawing and not a model. I’m stumped.

Wouldn’t pillow creases mean he’s lying down? Doesn’t like a pose lying down or it wouldn’t have presented that way, would it? But I think it’s a drawing, though.

Can’t be Cal Culver aka Casey Donovan. B.J. has some archives on him as Donovan. I first heard of him as Culver when Director Ellis Raab was renting him while doing a play at Repertory Theater of Lincoln Center.

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