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I was recently challenged to figure out who the cover guy from the above Arena 1 magazine (1978) is, and what film, his only, he was in (seen in this magazine with the more prolific Joe Roberts ). took me a couple of days, but I got it!

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I want to thank you; david, and Buck Naked, for helping me connect the dots.

For the longest time, I’ve also wondered who the “Arena #1” porn guy was. Was he only a print dude, or did he also do some porn on film. It can get pretty confusing, when models alter their appearances, and use various aliases.

I now know that “Dick Miller” was in “Bad, Bad Boys (1979)”. But earlier, he also used the name “Richard Miller”, when he was physically thinner. I now recognize him as the guy with David Carter, in the loop and correlating publication, “David Meets the Woodsman (1978)”.

In 1980, he was also in another loop with David Carter called, “Three Summer Afternoons”.

You remember David Carter, right? He wrote the book, “The Iron Game”. Maybe you should feature him in some future posts. He really seemed to be quite an unheralded figure, in vintage porn – not only as a performer, but as a director and publisher.

Hey, no worries! As I said before, I value your opinion, even if I don’t agree with it. We can disagree, without being disagreeable. Your blog is so valuable, that I would NEVER think of abandoning it. I’m always discovering new things about vintage porn, which helps me connect the dots – much appreciated! For the record, you don’t care for David Carter’s look, as for me, I don’t get what you see in Joe Roberts. But hey, different strokes (!), for different folks! ; )

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