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overload (from Huge 2)

Director: Matt Sterling; starring: Steve Sprague, Chris Randall

Sprague in torn, worn jeans picks up hitchhiker Randall and they head out to the woods

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from the Huge 2 (1982) release – funny, I’ve sold this video many times, under different labels – Impact Video, Falcon Video (films 676 THRU 679), and LeSalon (Bijou Video seems to also have it). Wish I had better stills; appears both Sprague and Randall have only been in this one film – would be hard to top!

voice overdubs! generic disco music! and hard cocks!

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“voice overdubs! generic disco music! and hard cocks!”

Now just invent a time machine and I would say “what more could you ask for?” Thanks for posting this, great scene.

Two additional comments, trying to keep them short but sweet: one, the music you described as generic disco at the beginning of that clip is in fact the instrumental version of Straight Ahead by the Nick Straker Band…

It fades in and out and eventually becomes a different song by the time they start fucking but I thought I’d pass along the ID on that song anyway, for you or anybody else who may have wondered.

Secondly, BJ thank you for continuing with your blog and the focus you have always had here. This is a wonderful vintage gay sanctuary, it’s important not to let the events in the news completely crowd out the things we use to escape, and you are doing a service to gay guys the world over.

I’ve never used shazam, and found this one the old way I’ve discovered some other porn songs, trial & error mostly. The ones that were actual songs beforehand and not created just for the film I mean. I found two disco-sounding songs with those words that you can hear starting at around 4 minutes into your clip, Straight Ahead by Kool & the Gang and Keep On Moving Straight Ahead by Lakeside, after neither of them matched the clip audio (and the Kool one is a year too late, having come out in ’83) I landed on Nick and his band. Maybe shazam didn’t match it because it only knows the vocal version, as you linked to above, and what plays in the film is the (mostly) instrumental?

I wondered how well shazam would know alternate versions or remixes especially, when the whole structure of a song can be changed, sometimes dramatically like with Madonna or some other dance mixes.

I often wondered how porn producers are able to use commercial music in their films. I’m pretty sure they would have been licensed, it seems too risky to be producing legit porn only to rip off music for the soundtrack. But seriously, there were some BIG names in music who’s material was used in vintage porn. Jean Michel Jarre for instance! Would they really have knowingly licensed their music for gay porn?? Of course, Gage circumnavigated that by hiring Man Parrish to write for “Heatstroke” which even managed to become a sizeable hot single in its own right! I used to have a knowing half smile on my face when I saw that single in the racks of my local music super store!

But on to the clip. Steve Sprague’s dick used to send me mad with desire! I pleasured myself to that scene many times I can tell you!

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