"vintage" porn stars eBay auctions


Starring: Lee Ryder, Mike Stoker, Steve Sprague, Chris Randall, Andy Fuller, Peter Hanson, Doug Miller, Mitch Helms

  • Power Play: Ryder and blond Stoker are working out on a deck with a great view; strip down to jockstraps, hop in the pool
  • The Biker and the Gymnast: Fuller in motorcycle jacket, spots Hanson outside doing his routine in his jockstrap
  • Overload: Sprague in torn, worn jeans picks up hitchhiker Randall and they head out to the woods
  • Muscle and Sweat: After a sweaty run, Miller walks in on Helms while Helms is looking thru a girlie mag.

eBay auction – HUGE 2 Matt Sterling LEE RYDER Andy Fuller PRECONDOM 1982

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