taking it on the chin

Getting Off in Palm Springs

Director: Josh Elliot (2000)

OK, OK, OK! I know it’s not vintage, but it’s still hot!! Ray Harley gets his chance with a very vocal Steve Hurley

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There’s been some debate over how to define ‘vintage’ when it comes to porn, on one hand if something is 20 years old now it could be considered as such. I’ve followed your blog long enough to know that your wheelhouse is the porn from the 70s and into the 80s anyway, primarily the movies that were still shot on film because they have that aesthetic that is missing from videotape or digitally produced porn, and in this area you have proven your expertise. But you can “ramble” about any kind of porn you want on your own blog … though if you started including straight or even bi porn here you may face some resistance, and different viewers. I think the older we get the more nostalgia plays a factor in something like that, whether it’s you or me or anyone else.


but yes, my initial “mandate” – self imposed – was gay porno films – and thus date from the 70’s up to 1985-ish; but stills are fun obviously…. and then there’s the rambling about whatever – many readers jumped ship when I got a boyfriend, as there was less personal stuff; others jump shipped whenever a new Bjork album comes out and I can’t stop posting about her music… and then, all these kids today and their instagram censored porn! ugh!

It’s possible to go through a ‘nostalgia period’ as you get older and come out the other side. That’s what happened to me. The vintage porn I still like has nothing to do with nostalgia, and nostalgia is pretty much dead for me in everything. For me, most of the best porn is today’s and gets better and better–but I can see why 70s porn is more appreciated if you value the porn as such. I do value a very small number of films for artistry and the rest but even then it had to be the attractiveness of the models and the titillation of the sex, and most of the ones I used to value I don’t any more, e.g., I have no further interest in Al Parker’s Surge things with all that pumping. I used to find such things attractive, and did a fair amount of pumping. Yeah, it bloats all right. You can get better effects with cock bracelets and jelqing.

I ran into someone who knew that French movie I have mentioned a few times, from 1977–that was maybe the best full-length porn I’ve ever seen–super-sexy fucking, gorgeous guys, wonderful music, imaginative segments, intelligent narration with a sort of assessment of this *Soif du Males*. Was surprised, because since the 70s, when some Parisians I was still friends with, had seen it, but nobody since, although I saw it at the Adonis.

*Classical* is another thing. Meaning music, dance, theater, opera, some old non-porn movies. But I don’t love them because of any nostalgia, and some of them (like opera) I’m just getting around to a full familiarity with, although I knew a lot already. A lot of classical music gets me off sexually, especially combined with some of the newer fetishy movies of self-fucking, self-sucking and SatanicHypno–say, listening to Don Giovanniwhile watching PornHub with the volume down.

If I think I’m ‘nostalgic’ for some pop music, some old Broadway shows, by now it’s because I think they’re classical themselves–Burt Bacharach/Dionne Warwick or Gilbert Becaud’s 50s-80s songs, or Ethel Merman belting out the songs from Gypsy. So I find a few 70s porn things classical as well, but nothing from the 80s, 90s, and by the 00s I’m using porn just to get off. Darius Ferdynand, Harry Louis, Max Arion–purely body.

Do think the scholarship in this kind of arcane thing is admirable, though, and enjoyable to read and see. Interesting, I’m older than either of you, and I used to think nostalgia was very important. I thought it always would be, but it began to seem as if it had no future. For me, it doesn’t. Although I do have very emotional memories of lovers I’ve lost.

Any hoo, back to the clip. Yes. Ray Harley. Boy oh boy, what a gay porn director’s dream. Handsome, hairy, masculine, great buns, decent dick and … absolutely loved what he was doing. His total enthusiasm for sex crashes through the screen in orgasmic waves. I don’t think I ever saw a scene he’s in where he looked even remotely bored or not into the guy/guys he was playing around with. Lucky old Tit Pig is all I can say!

Ray Harley was one of the first porn stars I ever developed a major crush on, as I began purchasing porn as a senior in high school (2000). Always a fantastic performer, and I think even hotter because he seemed like someone who was approachable and friendly off-camera as well. As I understand it, he’s back in Canada doing great.

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