"vintage" porn stars

Rex (Buck Hayes)

who you may remember from such films as

  • Therapy (1985)
  • Faces (1985)
  • Hunk (1985)
  • Hot Rods: Young and Hung 2 (1987)
  • Full Load: Maximum Oversize (1988)

I think his first movie role was in Therapy, but with 2 others released the same year, hard to say. Wondering when he did his COLT work as Buck Hayes (1985/6?) – I can imagine Colt & Surge Studios vying for this muscle guy. He seemed to do solo work for Colt, except for a pairing with John Bell, including some leather photos. In Faces, I think he’s a go-go boy – that might be worth digging up (does he have sex with Pierce Daniels, or Rydar Hansen?)

some more pics – from Hunk (courtesy of Vint70s-Lvr)

OK – so he’s not in this clip from Thearpy, but I just love hearing Daniel Holt say “CASANOVA COMPLEX”

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I’m a total ‘Men in Suits’ aficionado (including a lot of that from the UK in the 00s and 10s), but this one is unique–it’s electric–in my experience. The perineum hair and asshole are utterly delectable, brilliantly combined with the jacket and tie, and his face is fabulously handsome. This is the ne plus ultra of dressing UP. One you put up of Mark Rutter’s gorgeous Prick hanging out his suit was the same idea of what the true haute couture is. Oh man, to go to a restaurant where we could all dress like that–the social distancing wouldn’t even hurt that much….

oh boy – Men In Suits… there’s a new category! but i’d likely venture into modern porn discussion, and there’s no place for that here!!! Joe Gage’s American Bukkake – oh my! and how many sexy guys work at MEN AT PLAY? do they do anything NOT in a suit?? there’s one in a pool, and the guy, fully-suited and all, gets in the pool to do the nakked swimmer; he keeps the suit on for the full scene…. ok, calm down… its probably that I’ve always like watching porn with partially clothed men (Aiden Shaw in jeans) as well as doing sex inclothes – could be the porn theatre, porn booths, back room experience….

This one is irresistible too, super-butch face. Name doesn’t click on, so do you know who this gorgeous hunk is? Yeah, I think actually using suits and ties didn’t start till the 00s, and MEN AT PLAY was definitely the first one in which I saw a lot of it, including cumming and pissing all over the suits. Totally addictive for me. There was one guy with just his basket hanging and wearing steel balls splitters. There were impossible to find (and I took the pictures to the stores and asked them, I wanted some so bad), but I found that I could get the same effect with electrical wire, tying it around each ball. You have to be careful, but it’s fabulous, and makes you feel like a total dildo, because focusses everything to the crotch.

Trying to think of anybody from the 70s/80s, I’ve seen some stars dressed up but only totally (unfortunately), but these you’ve put are the only ones I can think of right off from the old period. I’ll keep an eye out, and that pic of Mark Rutter put me in a permanent swoon since the first time you put it up. So their must be, since that one was pretty young, wasn’t it? It sure as fuck put Mark Rutter on the map for me for a lifetime. I knew who he was before, but…no, I didn’t know who he really was till the pic.

I think UK NAKED MEN started doing a lot of suits too, but I know that’s also way, way out of what you need to concentrate on here…but there must be.

It’s too bad that when he entered films, he let himself go and got fat. If only he had the same look, that he had in his Colt years. From what I remember, he had a serious drug problem. That’s probably why he got into porn.

He reminds me of Billy Herrington. Herrington was still hot when he entered films, but in his Colt photos, he was stunning.

As you can see, I’m all about muscles and sex! ; )

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