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Tom LeDuc

who you may remember from such films as

  • Hard To Come By (1978)
  • School Daze (1980)
  • Muscle Up (1981)
  • Intruders (1984)

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  • THE FOX (1978 – Fox Studios)
  • LETHAL MEAT (1979 – Fox Studios)
  • In Touch 063 (March 1982)
  • Mandate (December 1983)
  • FOXHUNT 4 (1985 – Fox Studios)
  • ALL MUSCLE 2 (1987 – Fox Studios)
  • INTRUDERS (1988 – paired w/Kime Powell – Fox Studios)
  • HARD TO COME BY (1989 – Fox Studios)

If anyone knows of other publications, let me know – and of course any corrections!

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The scene with Tom and Kurt Lassen in Muscle Up is wonderful, with the Cowley song Primordial Landscape playing while they pose and caress each other, before getting down to the sex. There’s a shot where both of them are on a diving board, Tom on his back with his legs on Kurt’s thighs, at times you can’t see either of their faces but they make this very artistic tableau especially in the longshot from the other side of the pool. And the faces Kurt makes when Tom fucks him are almost sweet.

Right, they do fuck on the diving board before going over to one of the deck chairs to finish off. The shots I was referring to are just before your images, I couldn’t find pics anywhere online but I timestamped my Muscle Up slideshow to what I brought up:

As big and muscly as they both are, it was pretty impressive they managed to balance themselves up there at the same time at all, let alone the sex.

oh – same here – could barely (Ha ha) find ANY shots of this pair! but diving into LeDuc’s ass IS pretty nice!

btw – NICE JOB on the youtube video!

Thanks, if and when I made an intentional NSFW one I’ll for sure let you know. Right now one or two of them are age restricted by youtube not me, I know the Members Only one is one of them, guess I missed a dick or something lol.

I hadn’t heard of him, but I do have a fetish for a hot man with a speedo tan line so I found all his films online (except the first one), and woof! One of the reasons I love your blog is discovering new talent.
And zephyr, that video is terrific- thanks to you as well!

He was pretty wonderful, wasn’t he? So warm and appealing! I really have a soft spot, for this big lug. : )

I’m all about muscles and sex! He really did fill the demand for youth, beauty, muscles, and of course, dick! : P

Vintage viewers will remember that his physical type wasn’t all that prevalent, in early porn. You did have muscle hunks like Ledermeister and Gordon Grant, but most of them tended to look more mature, and worldly. Although Tom LeDuc was huge, there was innocence about him – a boyish sweetness.

Billy Herrington also had this same kind of appeal. Both of them had lots of macho confidence, but they seemed friendly, and accessible.

Sleaze has its appeal. But there was nothing jaded or decadent about him. He doesn’t have the eyes for S & M – too warm. You notice he has shades on, in the last picture you posted – leather lite?

Tom LeDuc was the early precursor, to future, young bodybuilder/porn stars, beginning in the 80’s. Fresh, masculine hunks like Ty Arthur, Michael Christopher, Jim Pulver, Matt Powers, Paul Becker, Brant James, Josh Griffin, Erik Rhodes, and the fore mentioned, Billy Herrington etc.

You can’t really describe these bruisers as hotties or stud-muffins, at least I can’t. They’re too big in stature and brawn.

What I also loved about LeDuc, is that he was so uninhibited and sensual – totally versatile! He didn’t seem to have any hang-ups or boundaries, whatsoever – he kissed! Yet he still seemed so wholesome and All-American (he was actually Canadian). With him, it was all about pleasure. : )

Young porn viewers today, probably take his physical type, for granted: dude bros, college jocks, and frat boys. You can now regularly find these types of young studs in abundance, on websites like, Sean Cody, Gay Hoopla, Corbin Fisher, Cocky Boys, etc.

For me, Tom LeDuc will always be the face of Fox Studio. Let’s not forget though, that Jimmy Metz was also a Fox Studio exclusive.

All of LeDuc’s co-stars were also choice hunks of beef: Kurt Lassen, Tex Murdock, Scott Pryor, Jimmy Metz, Glenn Steers, and Kime Powell. In particular, Scott Pryor, his co-star in “School Daze”, was such a cutie – a one hit wonder!

Back in the day, Colt, Target, and Fox, were the trifecta studios, of macho porn. Fox wasn’t as good as the first two, but it certainly held its own.

Thank you John Traynor/Coletti and Ronnie Shark/Bill Harrison. : )

I’ve posted this before. In case some of your readers don’t know, here’s a January 22, 2014 interview, with John Coletti discussing Patrick Cowley’s music:

Doesn’t he look (looked) great! ; )

I had a School Daze magazine, with Tom bringing home Scott Pryor who ended up in a great fuck scene with what I assume was Tom’s ‘daddy’/top. Would love to locate that mag or photos from it.

There is a very small section of an interview with John Coletti on Youtube, where he says, that the pool scene was made in passadena.
I wish there would be more books of actors or movie makers of the gay porn industry of the 70s and 80s. Like the Jim French Diaries or so….

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