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unidentified (but hot!)

but honestly, bracing for the lecture (honestly!)

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Did you say something? Just kidding! See, I knew you enjoyed me lecturing you! ; )

As for the image, all I can say is “meh”. I got nothing. : I

Okay, BJ honey. I wouldn’t do this for anyone else but you. I’m naturally pretty selfish. What do I care, where this picture is from? As I said above, “meh” – both of these porn dudes, seem pretty generic. I’m not saying they’re ugly. But you like them, so that’s important!

The sucker on his knees is Stan Marshall. The skinny tough guy, standing up wearing leather wrist cuffs and denim vest; brandishing his dick is named Bill Thorne. ZZZZzzzz.

Oh, sorry! Excuse me! Where was I?

This image is from a 1978 loop called, “Rendezvous”. As with a lot of Nova Films loops, there’s also a picture magazine. ZZZZzzzz. Oh, sorry again really need to catch up on sleep! : )

I’m indebted to you forever! You’re so generous! I’m only too happy to repay you forever, even if it puts me to sleep. LOL! Anything for you honey, honestly! : )

Here ya go!

As you know, most of the Nova loops had no audio. Maybe they should have musically scored this, with the 1975 hit by The Hudson Brothers. What do you think? : )

So now, I know you’ve been bracing yourself for my lecture : /

This is no sitcom joke! Does the word “honestly”, make you think of The Golden Girls, or I Love Lucy? Make up your mind! If you can’t, you’re either Rose or Ethel!

: ) ; )

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