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Night at Halsted’s gloryhole

AKA Greatest Glory Hole

Director: Fred Halsted (1980) – Gary Sikes, Ben Barker, and….?

and a nice movie trailer

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Greg Dale I think? A plexiglass gloryhole, one of the greatest porn soundtracks ever, this one lives on a higher plane than most other gay porn flicks.

f&ck! I definitely meant Greg Dale, he is the most recognizable… and the first guy you see!

Gevi is a wonderful source for info about gay porn, especially the vintage kind, but for some films and scenes there are certainly gaps that could be filled in. For instance, the page for A Night At Halsted lists the cast but not when they appear, who they are paired with or who does Ogr Atb and the other acronym codes. Not to mention the full song list that I know you’ve posted here before (that’s how it got added to my spreadsheet!)

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