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Cocksucking Buddies

so I thought I’d do a quick post, typed “COCK” into the search bar for my files, and this was first result. Edit, crop, upload…. oh, who’s pubic hair? Where’s J. W.’s cock? search search search, oh this was my magazine, that I sold in 2017 trying to get some $$ in the bank before the move our of NYC…

here’s a blurb about the magazine (and apparently my whereabouts back in May of 2017) from the eBay auction:

  • Featuring: Nick Rodgers & Melchor; Steve Taylor from Dangerous; Jack Wrangler
  • Al Parker & Kirk Mannheim from Flashback;
  • Jim Rogers from Dangerous; J.W. King & R.J. Reynolds ; Steve York & Ben Barker from The Boys of San Francisco; Jack Wrangler – Clay Russell –
  • Lee Brubaker & a blond (6 pages) then a bearded brunette; then a hairy bearded guy in leather hat &
  • Duff Paxton, Sam Benson, and John Charles from Flesh and Fantasy; Mike Cole, Rob Stevens, and Randy Gutzman from Flesh and Fantasy
  • 96 PAGES of photos – all color – no ads, some text – no publication date (probably early 80’s)
  • please note: there may be cover wear from age and use – see pic(s)
  • NO SHIPPING MAY 19-23 – out of town!!

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You should be honored, that after I boot up my computer and read my e-mail, yours is the first website I go to. When I first saw this, I thought there was a hair strand on my screen and tried to brush it away. It seems appropriate that it’s located right at his arm pit.

I’m sure you’re aware that you’ve posted this image before, but from an inverted position.

As I’ve said before, my first prerequisite before liking a porn star, is how masculine he looks. It trumps his handsomeness, body, dick, or ass. The face is number one for me. I’m an Alpha Hunter.

So despite R.J. Reynolds not having a ripped physique, I instantly became a fan. Still, it would have been nice, if he had worked out. It should be required of all handsome men.

I like this glamour shot of him. The white socks are rather endearing.

I can’t say I like him with a full beard. The white cap also looks kind of silly.

He had the standard porn look from the 70’s – blow dry hair and mustache. He reminds me a lot of Joe Purcelli from “A Matter of Size (1983)”, his only movie. (Not to be confused with Joe Porcelli.)

He and J.W. King seem to be joined at the hip. I’ve heard it was Reynolds who got King into porn initially – a number of movies together. I’ve also heard that they were lovers. Who knows for sure?

In “Big Men on Campus (1978)”, R.J. forces himself on J.W.

R.J. Reynolds is actually able to say this camp line, with a straight face:

“Your cock knows what it likes.” LOL!

When I enter R.J. Reynolds in your search engine, it only brings up two posts.

Shouldn’t it also link up to these two posts as well?

According to IMDb, he appeared on a 1982 episode of “Magnum P.I.”. I wish I could have seen it. It would be a hoot to see him standing next to Tom Selleck.

It’s interesting and reassuring to note, that before the A.I.D.S. crisis hit, how tolerant and open the 70’s porn world was, to bisexual male performers.

Aside from R.J. Reynolds performing with both men and women, you also had Jim Cassidy, Paul Barresi, Marc Stevens, Gerald Grant, Jamie Gillis, David Morris, Marc Wallace, and Wade Nichols etc.

The first porn film I saw was straight; Casey Donovan was in the cast.

As you know, both Jack Wrangler and George Payne started in gay porn, before defecting.

Even John Holmes made a number of gay films. I suspect it was only to support his drug habit.

I was delighted to find the only gay film of Paul Thomas, “Nature’s Men (1975)” free online. I always enjoyed him in his straight films. Yes, I’ve seen my share.

It’s a shame that Matt Ramsey aka Peter North, wouldn’t acknowledge his gay porn past. Especially when you consider how anal receptive he was.

It’s also a shame that Mark Slade aka Frank Towers, experienced a backlash when he crossed over to gay films.

I do agree that Trystan Bull is very handsome. He’s like a hotter Ben Affleck. But I can’t really warm up to him because he’s so tradey. So was Johnny Utah, but I did enjoy him.

I was quite a fan of the towering, bald, Maxx Diesel aka Christian XXX. He had the profile of an eagle. I keep hoping he’ll come back to gay porn. I realize that’s quite unlikely.

He was so uninhibited! Actually, he was a little too inhibited for my taste. He made a number of films with pre-op transsexuals – chicks with dicks! That’s too kinky for me.

LOL! Hey BJ, did you ever think that you would be addressing bisexual male performers, in gay porn? I hope you don’t hold it against them that they switch-hit. I say whatever. I’ve seen my share of bisexual films. A hot guy is a hot guy; all the better, as long as he delivers the goods.

; )

quick response, as its 5 a.m. and I should be in bed – R. J. Reynolds should have worked out??? He spent his entire time in CLOSED SET on his back on that work out bench!

We share the same tastes. I find Reynolds’ lanky, toneless body extremely sexy in a mature, “serious” way…his face says to me “let’s get down to business and screw”. Big fan of Trystan Bull: in the looks department, he is virtually flawless….however, his performance lacks soul. Christian XXX has an unconventional sexiness and exhibits soulful performances. I wish Mr XXX had appeared in more gay scenes.

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