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Scott Avery and Glen Armstrong from the magazine Wild In The Woods, which is from the 1984 Robert Walters film Something Wild

someone out there must have the theme song – “I feel a change, a new lifestyle, we’re getting ready for Something Wild” – written and performed by Garth Evans

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1984: the sunset on the golden age of gay porn. Were all the major film studios requiring condoms by 1986?

short answer is – NO – but it can be confusing looking back, as something that might have been released, even “copyrighted” in 1986, could have been made earlier – so for example, Falcon’s GIANT SPLASH SHOTS 2 (1986) had no condoms.

Thank you for clearing that up. It is confusing to watch a compilation without realizing what you are watching is a compilation (condoms in one scene, condomless in the next). By the second half of the eighties, did actors have a choice to wear a condom or perform unsheathed? Meaning, a newly released film might have scenes with and without condoms?

Thanks, I read Scott’s account of life during the height of the crisis. What a dreadful era of homosexual history. I’m thankful I was not living the life of a young, sexually active gay man in the 1980s. I am 42 now-by the mid-nineties, when I began experimenting with my sexuality, sex education was widespread. My peers and I were knowledgeable on taking the necessary precautions to avoid first-hand experience of horror stories from a decade earlier.

A quote from his article: “Oh, I still don’t believe it’s possible to make a pornflick with condoms and make it look like the actors are enjoying themselves, but we at least made a decent simulation“. As a consumer of porn, I tend to agree there is a perceived difference in the quality of sex on film (my personal viewing preferences are bareback porn, with some exceptions). 1994 marked my first purchase of adult magazines and videos (illegally, from a liquor store owner in my neighborhood who found no scruples in selling to minors). At that time, no mainstream adult studios marketed condomless sex. My 16 year old brain likely believed barebacking only happened off-camera. It wasn’t until the late 2000s when I readily encountered – and sought out – new, “condom-free” material.

My last youtube clip was for Spring Break, which I’m reasonably sure was Garth’s music – he has kind of a nasal singing voice, it seemed to register with other films he’s done. I included a graphic towards the end of the clip with other films I believe he did the music for:

Some of these films credit him for the music, like Something Wild, Getting It and Heroes for example, but for Spring Break, Night Flight, Aspen 2 and a few others I found no music credits listed. Even Bigger Than Life and Jeff Stryker’s cornball rock music video, that was Jeff singing but I think it was either a new or existing Garth tune. Wish I had Something Wild, the film or the song, I may have seen it before but can’t remember. I agree with your assessment of Bobby Madison / Brian Michaels from one of the older blog links you provided, goodness he was sexy. The Bigger The Better, Leo & Lance, Brother Load, A Matter Of Size where he and two other guys have a three way while Doug Weston watches from outside.

I also want the audio from the original version of Good Times Coming, not the anniversary edition on DVD because they replaced the music by Costello Presley with some other not-nearly-as-good songs. I found These Bases Are Loaded and those are many of the same songs but the music was overdubbed onto the film audio so it sounds muddled and not clear at all like some of the Nova films.

oh no!! – what happened to youtube account? I just clicked on the link above…

“Video unavailable
This video is no longer available because the YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated.”

Oh yeah, about that youtube channel: I still don’t know what exactly pushed me over the edge and led to them canning me. I had one warning but never did have an official strike, and I had thought it was like baseball in that you get “one-two-three-strikes-you’re-out” in order, but I started getting notices that previous clips were being set to age-restricted … maybe had I set them ALL that way I would have been OK but I wanted anybody to be able to see it, not just if you were signed in … anyway I had just uploaded a great one, I called it “the Dubbing of Scott Noll” and it wasn’t even music, rather all SFW-ish dialogue and scenes from Summer of Scott Noll and Cuming Of Age. (“Hey, throw that frisbee back over here … man I gotta get me one of these”) It made me chuckle while I made my clip, I pushed the envelope but didn’t think I had pushed it too far…

Next day I go to my page and voila, completely gone. Terminated is their terminology. I appealed, they said no, a week or so later I got another ‘we just changed another one of your clips to age restricted’ emails but the account was fried, I appealed again and they said no again. So, fuck ’em I guess. I still have all the clips I made and have thought about trying to upload them somewhere else, maybe even start a blog but honestly I did so many of them this year (about 90 clips I think) I was starting to burn out on it, and wanted a break. I have an account on a tube site and uploaded a new clip of guys smoking pot, at last I didn’t have to censor out all the best parts!

I may load more clips onto there but now that pornhub had their drastic changes the other tube sites may follow, and only allow verified users to upload. Sigh. It was a long story, they were fun while I was doing them (reminded me of some great classic porn, expanded what I knew about the music used in some of them and got me through six months of stay at home!) and I may try to post these or some others somewhere else, if so I’ll let you know.

Reading the comments above made me remember my youtube channel (R.I.P.) but I do have a page on soundcloud with some porn music links. And the other day I uploaded a Garth Evans megamix of some of his porn theme songs, no Something Wild but there is Heroes, Getting It, Aspen 2 and a few others. Hopefully this link will work when previous ones I’ve left on your blog don’t anymore:

cool! – question, did you happen to download your youtube creations? in other words, do you retain the work, just don’t have the online place to post them?

Yeah I do, they are all saved to my computer. I rewatch them from time to time just to remind myself how much I enjoyed the process of putting them together, whether slideshows of still images or short clips strung together, then adding some caption notes on the screen — and of course the music, which was the motivation for me to start doing those in the first place.

Of the places I looked into where I could upload them aside from yt, none of them were as easy. Vimeo says I had to have created every element of the clips (including the audio) which ruled them out; reddit has a max of about a minute if you upload something directly to their site, and most of mine were longer; so then the porn tube sites were an option … but I spent HOURS removing all the best parts from all of those clips, trying to make them SFW enough that yt would allow them to stay, even if age restricted.

The xhamster one with guys smoking pot I linked above is still up, that’s what all my clips would have looked like if I wasn’t trying to take the sex out of the porn and force them to be SFW. I never even tried to put that one on yt, it would have been shot down immediately even without the nudity and/or sex parts. That was what led to my one official strike on yt, I had assumed you could show guys smoking pot since that’s legal in most places now (at least in the US) and it was part of the clip from Good Times Coming with Chaz Holderman, Jamie Wingo and the other guy sharing a joint in front of the fireplace that landed me on their bad side.

So xhamster was another possibility but like I said, I had edited all the best parts out and why would I put an SFW clip on a porn tube site? That meant doing them all over AGAIN and I just never got around to it … and besides now xham says you have to hold the rights to anything that gets uploaded there now, and I never had those kinds of rights for any of this. Xvideos still allows uploaded vintage clips and I have a few on there w/ Costello P music … and I guess I could have started my own blog as you do so well here, but again just never got motivated enough to look into it.

In summary, yes I still have them all lol :D Maybe someday I’ll make an NSFW Jeopardy clip again, that was a fun one when I did it and put it on yt, and one of the ones that had the most views.

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