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Scott Avery and Glen Armstrong from the magazine Wild In The Woods, which is from the 1984 Robert Walters film Something Wild

someone out there must have the theme song – “I feel a change, a new lifestyle, we’re getting ready for Something Wild” – written and performed by Garth Evans

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short answer is – NO – but it can be confusing looking back, as something that might have been released, even “copyrighted” in 1986, could have been made earlier – so for example, Falcon’s GIANT SPLASH SHOTS 2 (1986) had no condoms.

Thank you for clearing that up. It is confusing to watch a compilation without realizing what you are watching is a compilation (condoms in one scene, condomless in the next). By the second half of the eighties, did actors have a choice to wear a condom or perform unsheathed? Meaning, a newly released film might have scenes with and without condoms?

Thanks, I read Scott’s account of life during the height of the crisis. What a dreadful era of homosexual history. I’m thankful I was not living the life of a young, sexually active gay man in the 1980s. I am 42 now-by the mid-nineties, when I began experimenting with my sexuality, sex education was widespread. My peers and I were knowledgeable on taking the necessary precautions to avoid first-hand experience of horror stories from a decade earlier.

A quote from his article: “Oh, I still don’t believe it’s possible to make a pornflick with condoms and make it look like the actors are enjoying themselves, but we at least made a decent simulation“. As a consumer of porn, I tend to agree there is a perceived difference in the quality of sex on film (my personal viewing preferences are bareback porn, with some exceptions). 1994 marked my first purchase of adult magazines and videos (illegally, from a liquor store owner in my neighborhood who found no scruples in selling to minors). At that time, no mainstream adult studios marketed condomless sex. My 16 year old brain likely believed barebacking only happened off-camera. It wasn’t until the late 2000s when I readily encountered – and sought out – new, “condom-free” material.

My last youtube clip was for Spring Break, which I’m reasonably sure was Garth’s music – he has kind of a nasal singing voice, it seemed to register with other films he’s done. I included a graphic towards the end of the clip with other films I believe he did the music for:

Some of these films credit him for the music, like Something Wild, Getting It and Heroes for example, but for Spring Break, Night Flight, Aspen 2 and a few others I found no music credits listed. Even Bigger Than Life and Jeff Stryker’s cornball rock music video, that was Jeff singing but I think it was either a new or existing Garth tune. Wish I had Something Wild, the film or the song, I may have seen it before but can’t remember. I agree with your assessment of Bobby Madison / Brian Michaels from one of the older blog links you provided, goodness he was sexy. The Bigger The Better, Leo & Lance, Brother Load, A Matter Of Size where he and two other guys have a three way while Doug Weston watches from outside.

I also want the audio from the original version of Good Times Coming, not the anniversary edition on DVD because they replaced the music by Costello Presley with some other not-nearly-as-good songs. I found These Bases Are Loaded and those are many of the same songs but the music was overdubbed onto the film audio so it sounds muddled and not clear at all like some of the Nova films.

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