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Mr. Morgan

not a great photo, the lighting is off, but something about Mr. Morgan’s expression

more Mr. Morgan

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I have to agree with you about this photo – too arty. Looks like Jim French, got carried away with the “film noir” lighting. Or is it “chiaroscuro“? LOL! I’m a fine one, to talk about being too arty!

It’s still quite an impressive coup, BJ! I love you for this – thanks! How were you able to get so many rare pictures of Mr. Morgan? They can’t all be from eBay.

Yeah, I like his expression too! Bruce Morgan wasn’t handsome, but he did have the “It” factor – rugged and masculine! I also like the fact that he’s packing some major heat (or meat) – fully loaded and heavy!

From what I can tell, he hasn’t been “enhanced”. You know how “Obsessed”, I can be about that! LOL!

Rugged, muscular, masculine porn stars, are forever! They never go out of style! It’s curious though, that Mr. Morgan only made two films. We already talked about the muscle-fest, “Loadstar (1973)”.

Did you know, that he was also in the first gay porn film, photographed in 3-D? There were three major porn films of this sort, from the vintage era.

I’m dying to see “Ramrod (1973)” – interesting cast! But apparently, it’s been lost. There must be a bootleg copy of it, somewhere? What kind of action, does it have?

We’ve both seen the second 3-D’er, “Heavy Equipment (1977)”. It’s available on video and DVD. Luckily, I was able to see this on screen, in a revival house full of queers – quite an experience! Complete with the 3-D glasses!

Nothing piques my interest more, than anything that’s forbidden or unavailable. You can’t say “no” to me! : )

Apparently, “Manhold (1978)” has also been lost. Or was it suppressed? Do you suppose Dennis Parker’s (aka Wade Nichols) people; had something to do with this?

Again, what kind of “action” does it have? It’s about vice cops. I’m also dying to see this!

And yet again, what an interesting cast: Wade Nichols, Jamie Gillis, and Zebedy Colt – he also provided the music!

Not to mention, the handsome, legitimate actor, DeVeren Bookwalter! You may be familiar with him. If not, you should be! I wonder if he gets in on the “action”! : )

So BJ, take note, in chronological order: “Ramrod”, “Heavy Equipment”, and “Manhold”. You’re a “pornoisseur”, so I expect you to know this. They’ll be a surprise test later. Just kidding! : )

Class dismissed. ; )

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