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Director: Rip Colt (1983?)

Big Horn Peak “ part of the Easy Entry collection (1983) “ Neal Shaw partnered with Michael Christopher, “share the grandeur of nature and spend a day like rams, locking horns in endless combinations.”

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Both men are stunning, in all their sun-drenched glory. There certainly were many location shoots during this era. Who prefers outdoor locations over boudoir action?

Touch’! I’m torn…I find the reckless abandon of outdoor sex kinky, though I also enjoy an intimate scene of ‘two on a bed’.

Two gripes I have with vintage porn: too many group sex scenes/bedroom duos few and far between.

This is exquisitely remastered here and looks beautiful. It has been removed from a number of other sites. For all the things there are to like about it, it is the ONLY video in which I’ve seen anybody lick Michael Christopher’s hairy asshole! Wow.


Seriously, where the hell did you find this?! Please forgive me for not responding on Wednesday, July 29th. I wish I could have been the first to comment, but I’m always pressed for time and sleep!

I have a long commute to work, so I have to get up early at 3:00 a.m. daily!

The first thing I do is boot up my computer, check my e-mails, check some websites, and run my anti-spyware to get rid of my “cookies”. Imagine my surprise and delight, to find this first thing in the morning! It definitely woke me up! It genuinely felt like a surprise gift!

I couldn’t resist watching it! I made sure not to touch myself, and yield to a “happy ending”. It almost made me late!

Aside from this wonderful loop, you also re-posted the top picture of these two stallions, posed against the giant rock! It’s even better, than the previous scan you did earlier – the rich color, just sublime!

This is among the most valued porn images, I carry in my head. And it isn’t even all that explicit! I think it’s achingly beautiful – the expression on Neal Shaw’s face! This really strikes a chord in my soul. I can’t help feeling so moony and swoony, mushy and gushy – rapture!

I’ve kvelled previously to this image before, but this time, let me point out Michael Christopher’s great chest, and Neal Shaw’s high cheekbones – ah!

You also posted the lovely bottom picture, that I found for you, where Shaw is stroking Christopher’s hair. As I said before, they both seem so comfortable with each other. Bless your heart!

In this second photo, let me point out, what a distinct body, Michael had. He had both long legs, AND a long torso – pretty rare.

And lastly, you posted the film’s evocative synopsis, described on the back of video box and DVD cover!

Right now, I’m grinning like an idiot! I can’t contain my joy, delight, appreciation, and excitement! I’m indebted to you forever! My cup runneth over! LOL!

Like most porn loops, this film has its flaws, but in my opinion, it’s as close to perfection, as a viewer could expect and enjoy. It has both sexual heat and emotional warmth! Not to mention, the great scenery and eye candy of the two stars! All this, within 16 minutes!

It doesn’t have any dialogue. It doesn’t need any! The music fortunately, is unobtrusive.

Is it any wonder why this is my favorite film of Michael Christopher? I don’t think he’s ever looked as attractive or sensual before.

He’s photographed carefully. I dote on his thick, puffy lips, dimples, long eye lashes, and cleft chin. Even his upturned snout looks sexy here. I love how you can see his tan line, underneath his micro jogger shorts. He wears red underwear, which I find endearing. I love the hairs on his ass!

It’s amusing how he’s first introduced. He walks straight into view, and then the camera zooms in on his crotch. It then scans up toward his face, as his name credit is listed. : )

I also love the physical detail, of how the sun shows highlights, in Neal Shaw’s strawberry blond, thick curly hair. Love the sun freckles on his back. He’s so beautiful, that it all the more appropriate, to show him walking through a field of flowers.

Both these Porn Divos, are at their top game here. They look absolutely great together!

They’re booty buddies, prick pals, or carnal comrades! They had joy, they had fun. They were schtupping in the sun.

There’s a raunchy moment, when Shaw slaps his meat on Christopher’s ass, before he fucks it! Michael mouths the word “Ouch!” : P : )

The sight of them making love to each other looks so right! How can any viewer, not absolutely love them here? This loop never gets old.

At one point as they’re kissing, Shaw sucks on Christopher’s tongue. They seem to devour each other! What great chemistry – a dynamic duo!

When the elements come together successfully as they do here, porn can seem almost magical!

I always wondered why you never covered this loop before. This more than makes up for it!

As I’ve said before, I like all types of combinations in all-male porn. But I have a special place in my heart, where there’s a fraternal dynamic that shines through, because of great chemistry – brothers in arms!

You don’t get the sense that one partner is dominating the other, because they both have equal footing, bearing, presence, and respect – a powerful camaraderie!

These two are a dynamic duo, as are these other abbreviated examples, which I’ve listed before:

Jack Wrangler and George Payne in “Navy Blue (1975)”.

Richard Locke and Will Seagers in “L.A. Tool and Die (1979)”.

Kyle Hazard and Mark Anthony in “Mating Games (1980)”.

Mike Betts and Rick Wolfmier in “Muscle Beach (1986)”.

Ed Dinakos and Jake Tanner in “Muscle Ranch! (1991)”.

Jock Peterman and Kurt Kittridge in “Lovers in Summer (2000)”.

… among others etc. “Male bonding with a vengeance!”

You can bet that I’ll be coming back to this post, repeatedly. BJ honey, you outdid yourself!

(Please excuse my excessive use of exclamation points!)



; )

OK – get back to me when you’ve had a chance to contemplate this! :)

and over the years my views on Michael Christopher have evolved quite a bit – I love him paired off with Beau Matthews in Pleasure Beach, for example – I think he’s amazing throughout that film.

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