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puts the rod in… Rod

from TARGET: JAVELIN #4 (1979) Rod Mitchell and Joe Kelly (AKA Ryan Kilgore when he modeled for Colt Studios); don’t think Joe did any films for Target Studios, however

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Rod was one of my all time favorites. During his time, I had never seen such an uninhibited performer. He was equally hot as a top and a bottom and seemed to love both with abandon. I wish he had done more film work. And don’t even get me started on that mustache! Will always remember him as the epitome of sexiness.

Yes BJ, I know we can both agree, that Rod Mitchell was indeed, hot, irresistible, and adorable. Short, cute, and amusing, with a giant mustache – he’s like a horny, Scottish terrier. : )

He also reminds me of cartoon character, “Mario”, not his younger, taller brother, “Luigi”, from Nintendo’s video game, “Super Mario Bros”. : )

That being said, why did you short shrift, Joe Kelly aka Ryan Kilgore? If you’re going to bring up Target: Javelin #4 magazine, don’t you think you should allow Kelly/Kilgore, the dignity of being identifiable?

This is all the more relevant, when you consider that he was gorgeous enough, to be a fashion model!

Some of your readers may not be familiar with him. Both of these pictures, only show him from the back – appalling!

You’ve done this before:

And not just once:

Your search engine brings up Rod Mitchell with 19 results – most of them with pictures. You mention Ryan Kilgore twice by name, with no photos of him facing the camera! : /

Do you have a personal vendetta against him? Or does this hostility, stem from an emotional impulse that you can’t control? : (

Anyway, let me help you remedy the situation. Don’t worry. This is in the proper context, of mentioning this magazine. BOTH of them are identifiable. (I hope these links work!)

I suspect Rod’s rod, has been “enhanced” in this picture. No matter, it’s still a great photo – sexy and beautiful!

You know me. I’m such a romantic! I can’t resist kissing photos, especially in color!

Of course, I also appreciate hot and heavy action! It’s rather amusing, how much Joe has to squat, in order to accommodate little Rod’s, BIG rod!

Yeah, this is another picture that shows Joe Kelly/Ryan Kilgore, from the back. But at least they’re both identifiable. Besides, once again, I can’t resist kissing photos! I’m such a mush – Ah!

There, fixed it for you. You’re welcome. Now you don’t have to post a Joe Kelly/Ryan Kilgore thread, for penance.

But let’s get back to your emotional issue. Part of resolving a problem, is recognizing you have one. It’s clear; your head needs some shrinking. No, I’m not talking about the “little” one!

I suggest you come into my office, for some mental therapy. Just kidding! No, I do not have a psychiatric license.

But you still shouldn’t dismiss me, by calling me Dr. Quack! ; )

that’s a lot to digest…. let me just say I LOVE ROD MITCHELL. you are free to post, and talk about others (like you don’t know that) and no, the pic isn’t enhanced! A “favorable angle”? sure. But it’s right out of the magazine, and Jon Target wasn’t doing that back then.


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