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The Carpenter ?

Long John

This cover photo from COLT’s Gallery 3 (1971) had me intrigued, but all I could come up with for who was in this issue was – Jason, Dakota, Ledermeister, Bill Eld, “various others” – “various others” seemed to include this super hung man, so I tried to figure out who he was…. and was this close to posting that maybe he’s “The Carpenter” knowing full well if I was wrong I would get a lecture from you-know-who…. but then found a pic of “The Carpenter” – apparently AKA Daniel DiCicciom and they were obviously not the same person. Then I came across some Bill Eld photos with this guy, who is apparently known as “Long John” (how do they come up with these names???) and was in perhaps only one film – HANDSPRAY – then I see he’s likely been in several, and has another name – Enrique Nieves – more research to do, but here’s some Bill and John…..

and below, some Daniel DiCiccio…… 20-second COLT clip from What The Carpenter Saw (1972)

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Intrigued by it? Lucky you, for being so controlled. I practically passed out. Never saw him, never heard of him.

There’s nothing like being as jaded as I am and then being served up with a MASTERPIECE LIKE THAT! You know you haven’t seen nearly as much of the world as you thought–what a pleasurable learning experience… Made me think of Blanche Dubois’s famous line, which I slightly yet unrepentantly alter: “Whoever you are, I have always depended on the kindness of Puerto Rican strangers”. Which is true. I’ve never been able to get enough of them.

Maannnn…trying to catch my breath. The whole package is one of the most Ultimate TOTAL-BUTCH MASCULINITIES I’ve seen–both on the Gallery cover and on the floor with Bill.

I just watched the clip of Handspray. Now that explains something of some of the Colt loops’ music: This clip has some of the same music used in the remastered Chute, which I always thought very effective and sometimes beautiful–although a bit of the charm is lost in knowing they hadn’t tried to match music with action in at least one of them (it seemed like they had in Chute, but I don’t know. I saw that it’s in this long collection of loops I didn’t know about (from 2014), but no way to tell without renting whether it has more than the segment I watched, which is not so interesting with John washing Bill’s Cock.

I looked at the stills and didn’t see the ones you posted of Bill and John. Is there one with Bill all the way in John’s mouth? I’d like to see John sucking off Bill, has to be super-hot.

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