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This cover photo from COLT’s Gallery 3 (1971) had me intrigued, but all I could come up with for who was in this issue was – Jason, Dakota, Ledermeister, Bill Eld, “various others” – “various others” seemed to include this super hung man, so I tried to figure out who he was…. and was this close to posting that maybe he’s “The Carpenter” knowing full well if I was wrong I would get a lecture from you-know-who…. but then found a pic of “The Carpenter” – apparently AKA Daniel DiCiccio and they were obviously not the same person. Then I came across some Bill Eld photos with this guy, who is apparently known as “Long John” (how do they come up with these names???) and was in perhaps only one film – HANDSPRAY – then I see he’s likely been in several, and has another name – Enrique Nieves – more research to do, but here’s some Bill and John…..

and below, some Daniel DiCiccio…… 20-second COLT clip from What The Carpenter Saw (1972)

update: ass, balls, boots

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Intrigued by it? Lucky you, for being so controlled. I practically passed out. Never saw him, never heard of him.

There’s nothing like being as jaded as I am and then being served up with a MASTERPIECE LIKE THAT! You know you haven’t seen nearly as much of the world as you thought–what a pleasurable learning experience… Made me think of Blanche Dubois’s famous line, which I slightly yet unrepentantly alter: “Whoever you are, I have always depended on the kindness of Puerto Rican strangers”. Which is true. I’ve never been able to get enough of them.

Maannnn…trying to catch my breath. The whole package is one of the most Ultimate TOTAL-BUTCH MASCULINITIES I’ve seen–both on the Gallery cover and on the floor with Bill.

I just watched the clip of Handspray. Now that explains something of some of the Colt loops’ music: This clip has some of the same music used in the remastered Chute, which I always thought very effective and sometimes beautiful–although a bit of the charm is lost in knowing they hadn’t tried to match music with action in at least one of them (it seemed like they had in Chute, but I don’t know. I saw that it’s in this long collection of loops I didn’t know about (from 2014), but no way to tell without renting whether it has more than the segment I watched, which is not so interesting with John washing Bill’s Cock.

I looked at the stills and didn’t see the ones you posted of Bill and John. Is there one with Bill all the way in John’s mouth? I’d like to see John sucking off Bill, has to be super-hot.

So, you admit it! I keep you on your toes!

Yes, it’s none other than “…you–know-who…”

I’m glad to see that you corrected yourself, but you still need a lecture. Sorry, I scold, but not because I’m cold – tough love. : )

Honestly BJ, (don’t you just love when I address you that way) all I do is point out your GLARING mistakes, and this is the thanks I get! Well! I would think that you would be grateful. Do you want your readers to be misinformed? But we’ll get back to that later. : /

Wasn’t Danny DiCioccio aka The Carpenter, just adorable? Just utterly irrestible – those dimples and cleft chin! I thought he was the sexiest cast member of “Boys in the Sand”. He really is a “magic man”. So hairy and frisky – fuzzy butt!

I wish you could have found a better picture, than this one with the sun glasses. His mischievous eyes shouldn’t be hidden. (Speaking of glasses, have you considered a stronger prescription?)

I’m hoping that you’ll eventually find this picture, which is used for his GEVI profile – the uncensored version that shows “the full monty”!

Boy, I don’t know how in the world, you confused him with Long John! That’s not just from out of left field. That’s from outer space! Ooh boy! *WHISTLE* (Rolling my eyes.) : /

Granted, they’re both “ethnic”, uncut, and have thick dark hair, but that’s where the similarity ends. Both of these Colt men have totally different bodies – one smooth, one hairy.

Speaking of bodies, many years ago; I saw actress Denny Dillon on a T.V. talk show, where they were discussing penises! I kid you not! She said that a doctor friend told her, that if a man has a long torso, there’s a good chance that he’ll also be well-endowed.

Looking at these Colt pictures of Bill Eld and Long John, I think there may be something to that.

Let’s also not forget such lanky porn stars as John Holmes, Marc Stevens, Ray Fuller, Mike Adams, Alan Corriveau, Mark Rutter, Ed Wiley, Buck Meadows, Michael Brandon, Lee Ryder, Chad Hunt, B.J. Slater, Kevin Dean, Randy White, Dick Masters, David Ashfield, Craig Hoffman, Steve Harper, Joe Young, Carl Erik, and J.J. Knight, etc.

They all had long torsos! As did actor Gary Cooper!

Michael Christopher wasn’t lanky, but he did have a long torso as well. (I insist I’m not a size queen!)

But let’s now discuss Long John aka Enrique Nieves. Believe it or not, he’s the main reason for my lengthy comment. (Actually no, I lied. It was to lecture you.)

I’ve seen him before, but now, I rather regret that I dismissed him. : (

My main criteria for a genuine porn star, is that they have to “DO IT!”

I always assumed that he never actually had, on-screen sex with a male. And if he did, I thought it would just be “trade”. What he’s doing here in these pictures, is basically just horsing around. Like what they do in the AMG short films.

Now, this is where I genuinely have to thank you! Because of this post, I did some investigating.

I so wish, that the David Carter loops were available! I also wish that the “Market Reports Newsletter” in its entirety, was also available, preferably free online.

Imagine my delighted surprise, to discover that under the name, John Premier, he made a 1977 loop with David Carter called, “Summer Meating” (Great title!). And get this! He’s totally versatile! Just like Carter.

Here’s the first part. Click on the fantastic, picture box icon, located on the right corner.

It’s so thoroughly descriptive and visual, that you can practically imagine the whole movie! Reading the Market Reports Newsletter is also greatly informative!

Here’s the second part. I’m sure that you, like me, fully appreciate the GEVI action codes, which Woody generously provides – bless his heart! “John Premier – OgrAtb. David Carter – OrgAtb.” See! Both of them totally swing – fabulous!

NOW, I’m very intrigued by him! This totally changes my perspective. He’s not exactly handsome, but he has an interesting, rugged face, as does David Carter. He’s a little too tan for my taste, but that’s okay.

As you know, more than anything else; I get off on the theme of masculine men having sex – whether they’re conventionally handsome or not.

That’s why I identify myself as an Androphile, as compared to just being your standard homo. I worship the masculine. Androgyny may have its place, but not in my bed or porn!

It’s rather ironic, isn’t it? You’re not a fan of David Carter; yet you still provided me with information of his couplings, with Long John/John Premier and Richard/Dick Miller. For that I say thanks – really appreciate it!

See! I view our correspondences as a mutual transaction. I would hope that we each get something out of it. I learn a lot. Your website is invaluable and fun!

But let’s get back to me correcting you. Imagine if I didn’t? I think even YOU, wouldn’t want that!

Now, to reiterate:

Long John is NOT The Carpenter!

Jesse Ditmar is NOT Michael Kerns!

Butch Barnes/Rick Masters is NOT Butch McAlister/John Towers!

Jim Cassidy is NOT Dakota!

Marcus Cobb is NOT Karl Mann!

And Mark Wolf is NOT Ron Raz! (No wait! That was my mistake. Oops!)

There, fixed it. You’re welcome. : )

Oh my dear, sweet, errant child. Sorry, but this is for your own good! *SPANKY-SPANKY* There! Don’t worry. Papa still loves you.

Yours truly (and honestly), LOL!


; )

Ray Fuller was fabulous in early 70s magazines. Looks so cornfed Texan, but I don’t know where he comes from. Was in LA in early 00s, somebody told me he wouldn’t give interviews. I got 4 or 5 of his early magazines off eBay.

I don’t think B.J. has done him. Or hadn’t the last time I searched. Reminded me a bit of Bert Edwards, same kind of country-boy charm.

i’ll leave you with this….. everytime i see/read/hear a sentence that begins with “Honestly!” I think of Lucy!

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