who dis?

it’s killing me – he doesn’t look like a typical COLT model, but he appears in COLT SPURS 10: Special Leather Edition – but he looks more like a Catalina star, and I just can’t put my finger on his…. name….

update: scene from BIG GUNS w/John Davenport & Chris Gray

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Oh, come on BJ! Why the façade? Who doesn’t know that you’re a big fan of Chris Gray? You once describe him as a “cutie-pie”. No dispute with you there. : )

He was one of my favorite hotties from the late ‘80s, as well. William Higgins had quite a few of them.

That being said, I can’t really say I like this Colt picture from of all people, Jim French. You know I think he’s a master, but he wasn’t infallible. He did occasionally have lapses of taste and judgment.

I actually think it’s rather vulgar. It may just be that the lighting on his anal hairs is bad, but it looks like he has hemorrhoids. There’s a fine line, when spreading a model’s cheeks, can look either sexy, or just plain gross.

French must realize that Chris Gray looks way too young, sweet, and cuddly for leather. I don’t know what tone he was aiming for. Was this meant to be a put-on? In most of his playful photos, the viewer is in on the joke.

I’m guessing Gray here, is trying to look jaded. But instead, he just looks petulantly childish, and bored. (“Are we there yet?!”)

You really do need the right look and bearing, to pull off the “leather” look. It’s rare when a young man can do it. Falcon Studios made some S & M theme films, with young collegiate types, which just look silly.

I’m not into S & M, but I can certainly understand its appeal. I used to own most of the Colt Leather calendars. Some of Colt’s models look absolutely stunning in leather. Many of Jim French’s S & M photos have a sinister beauty.

Paul Barresi for example, looks wicked in leather! (God I hope these links work!)

You need the right eyes for S & M. When Jim French posed John Pruitt and Ken Ryker in leather, he made them wear sun shades.

Here’s another wrong example. I absolutely adore Heath Jordan! He’s my favorite teddy bear! But like Chris Gray, he’s way much too cute and cuddly, for leather. I can’t buy it.

On the other hand, French was much more successful with Joe Reeves, another hottie from the ‘80s. Joe Reeves was young, but he looked more street-wise, worldly and sophisticated – an old soul. He posed for Old Reliable. Compared to Gray and Jordan, he was a lot more convincing:

Bull’s eye! Bravo!

Just goes to show you, when it comes to porn, nothing is written in stone. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

Am I right? Of course I’m right! ; )

P.S. Oops! Just to be clear. The picture with Heath Jordan, was NOT taken by Jim French. It’s NOT from Colt. I should get an editor.

(Apparently, the links worked. Yeah!)

Oops! Not so fast! The Heath Jordan link, didn’t work, after all. To quote BJ, “Rats!” You can edit it out if you wish, BJ honey. : )

Let’s see if this one works – fingers crossed. I know the address is endless. That’s why I didn’t use it originally:

; )

It’s Will Garret (or, sometimes, Garrett). It’s a little uncharacteristic, but he did a leatherish spread for Spurs 10.

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