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am working on some fall plantings, on our deck, and in a community garden/meadow I work at…. and this lovely pic of Bruce Morgan appeared on eBay! and another with him and a buddy!

more Bruce Morgan

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The second picture down is the third time you’ve posted from the 1980 publication, “Man To Man” by David Carter. For that I give you kudos, even if you don’t identify Jim Cassidy – appalling!

That being said, I don’t really like this colorized version, of the original black and white photo. It looks cheap and gaudy. The vandal that did this must be a gay relative of Ted Turner.

Not only that, but he cut out the body figures, and posted it back to the background scenery, to create a 3-D, hologram effect – cheesy!

I’ve seen the preferred original, on some vintage porn site that I can’t remember. I think it was either Retro Studs or Brutos Eros. But as you know, trying to search on either of those sites is like falling down a rabbit hole – exhausting!

If I ever find it, I’ll try to post it here.

On your two other duo posts, I forgot to mention an interesting tidbit, about this Morgan/Cassidy alliance. Maybe you already knew this.

After Jim Cassidy retired from gay porn, for a number of In Touch magazine issues, he wrote a bodybuilding/exercise advice column. He used Bruce Morgan for his photo demonstrations. Isn’t that great! Maybe you can find these images.

It’s obvious that like Dakota aka Ken Sprague, Bruce Morgan was socially involved with Jim Cassidy, aside from their porn work together. I don’t imagine they were fuck buddies or lovers. The sex was probably, strictly professional.

One last thing; as you know, I’m all about muscles and homo-sex. There’ a tame, clothed Colt picture, of Bruce Morgan spooning Roger Callard aka Stacy. It’s still hot. I saw it on some Tumblr site. I wish I could find it. Or perhaps, maybe you will.

It just occurred to me, how much bodybuilder Roger Callard aka Stacy, resembles actor Matt Dillon.

; )

while i don’t mind being scolded (some might think I purposely leave things out to see if you are paying attention) Cassidy IS IDENTIFIED if you just hover your mouse over the photo! I agree the colorized one is awful, but it made me laugh, and I wanted SOMETHING to accompany the first pic, as I’ve had plants on my mind (dozens of pots on our deck, and a “meadow project” i am working on in town).

Stacey – hmmmm – not a fan, and it’s not just the hair – but I am open to be convinced otherwise – you like muscley, i like a bit scruffier, and he’s too “pretty” I have a couple Stacy/Bruce pics – no spooning, but my Stacy’s thighs are HUGE – one pic his hair covers his face…. i’ll dig them out and post when the time is right…

I guess I would agree (while knowing nothing of this person) he ‘aged well’, but he immediately reminded me on seeing this linked photo of a *Pastor*, one of those with those Megachurches, in crazy parts of the South, Southwest and West..

I wouldn’t say I thought he was especially ‘pretty’ either, but I think I’m in the minority here, in that I like a lot of the ‘pretty ones’, like Mannheim and Jeff Turk–although I like plenty of other heated male bodies that wouldn’t be described as ‘pretty’.

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