erotic art Xmas

stroke me, Santa

no doubt Bill Ward Harry Bush from Stroke magazine

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very interesting, fellas – I admit to being bad sometimes at erotic art – identifying it, at least.

could someone have taken a Bill Ward and added a Harry Bush? or visa versa?

i do NOT remember where I nabbed the “original” pic I posted from….

but looking closely, the original is definitely Harry Bush, as Santa has the “HB” initials next to one foot – below the candy cane…. maybe Harry did another version with this new guy?

To Ian: I remember corresponding with someone who I think was using this name, and then another one, on my youtube channel which went away a few months ago. This yt account had commented on a lot of the videos I posted featuring music from some vintage films, like Brother Load and Intruders. I thought I found you on reddit as well, I sent a private message there so if this is you and you can log into your reddit account we could talk there if you want, and not hijack BJ’s blog. In case you wondered what had happened and all. If you have no idea what I’m going on about then sorry and just disregard.

To BJ: maybe someone will recognize the artist of the naked guy since that seems like it was drawn by somebody else, and just superimposed over the original guy. Which makes it like a hybrid drawing I guess? I did a brief search and apparently Harry Bush and Bill Ward knew each other and corresponded when they were both alive, so maybe the naked guy was drawn by Bill and Harry knew about it too? Hmm, let me know if you ever figure this out (and I’ll do the same).

Harry Bush “Hard Boys” is a hardback book (189 pages) published by Green Candy Press in 2007. I got mine on ebay, not cheap but worth every penny!

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