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What’s A Nice Boy Like You Doing?

2010-2020 – Jack Wrangler on BJland

2001 – 2010 – Jack Wrangler on BJland

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Ah, don’t hot guys look especially cute and charming, wearing mechanics or uniform, jumpers? I guess you can also call them sexy “rompers”. Maybe this can be a theme, for a future post – huh?

I remember that Toby also looked pretty adorable, wearing one in the Colt loop “Chute” with Al Parker. I wish I could find a picture – a well-hung parachutist, hanging in the tree!

But back to this endearing, publicity photo of Jack Wrangler, for “Kansas City Trucking Co. (1976)”. I think he looks especially hot here – another one of my favorite, glamour shots of his!

It shows just enough, to be teasing and exciting! I love the physical detail of him, carelessly exposing the upper part of his bush!

Doesn’t it suggest, like he’s shedding his outer skin, like an animal? Love the expression in his eyes, the strategically tousled hair, and his open mouth – earthy and appealing!

Jack had an accessible, quirky handsomeness, that wasn’t the least bit, intimidating. It made him especially charming and personable. He had genuine warmth – a nice boy indeed! : )

He really did deserve his own documentary. : )

From some angles, his big snout, made him resemble Barry Manilow. LOL!

Alas, like my other favorite picture that I posted below, both photos show him with the signature cigarette, between his fingers. : /

His wife, singer Margaret Whiting, outlived him, even though she was considerably older.

To think he was spared the scourge of A.I.D.S., only to die from his smoking habit. : (

That’s why both pictures have a special poignancy, despite being so hot! : ( : P

Wow, one can’t claim, that you aren’t a fan; 67 posts, and then some – mercy! : 0

; )

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