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Santa Parker

Al and some guys I don’t think I’ve ever heard of (Corey Sommers, Chris Kelly, and Shawn Williams) in a special spread from Torso December 1985 issue

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I don’t think I’ve ever seen this before let alone posted here, at Xmas or any other time. I know it’s not “new” if it’s from a magazine from 1985 but have you posted these scans before? They’re quite hi-res, which is always good.

There was a Shawn Williams (spelled Sean in the credits) in a William Higgins film, California Summer from 1985 which matches the magazine year. The guy has dark hair on his gevi page but could easily have been another of the tragic dye jobs of the era if he’s playing a blond twink with Santa Al in those pics:

(Costello Presley did the music in Calif. Summer, I had a youtube clip with scenes of that one and another Higgins film, Preppy Summer from around the same time)

I have posted parts of this photo spread before – but not all 5 of these pages at once – looking at the file names, these are from at least 2 different sources (don’t think I’ve owned the magazine)

Santa Parker

twice just a cropped version of the mag cover, and then one with 3 of the inside pages

I would LOVE to have large images of the small pics with the Xmas trees – Al in the Santa outfit??!!! yes, please!

Al had a litany of films and photos. I am trying to locate a spread he did with Colt model Tony Romano; Tony only seemed to have done a few but a great photo spread of Tony and Baressi together is still quite hot.

I’ve always thought this was one of Mr. Parker’s best photo shoots – his perfect skin seems lit from within, and love the longer hair.

I have the original magazine and the small photos at the top are very poorly printed. It’s a shame, as in some of them his dick and balls are hanging down halfway to his knees.

a lot of mid 80’s magazines are disappointing in the quality of the photos – or the printing …. ah, those balls!

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