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What’s A Nice Boy Like You Doing?

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Ah, don’t hot guys look especially cute and charming, wearing mechanics or uniform, jumpers? I guess you can also call them sexy “rompers”. Maybe this can be a theme, for a future post – huh?

I remember that Toby also looked pretty adorable, wearing one in the Colt loop “Chute” with Al Parker. I wish I could find a picture – a well-hung parachutist, hanging in the tree!

But back to this endearing, publicity photo of Jack Wrangler, for “Kansas City Trucking Co. (1976)”. I think he looks especially hot here – another one of my favorite, glamour shots of his!

It shows just enough, to be teasing and exciting! I love the physical detail of him, carelessly exposing the upper part of his bush!

Doesn’t it suggest, like he’s shedding his outer skin, like an animal? Love the expression in his eyes, the strategically tousled hair, and his open mouth – earthy and appealing!

Jack had an accessible, quirky handsomeness, that wasn’t the least bit, intimidating. It made him especially charming and personable. He had genuine warmth – a nice boy indeed! : )

He really did deserve his own documentary. : )

From some angles, his big snout, made him resemble Barry Manilow. LOL!

Alas, like my other favorite picture that I posted below, both photos show him with the signature cigarette, between his fingers. : /

His wife, singer Margaret Whiting, outlived him, even though she was considerably older.

To think he was spared the scourge of A.I.D.S., only to die from his smoking habit. : (

That’s why both pictures have a special poignancy, despite being so hot! : ( : P

Wow, one can’t claim, that you aren’t a fan; 67 posts, and then some – mercy! : 0

; )

Yeah, the whole pic is such a tease. As you stated, he artfully shows the upper edge of his bush, the slightly open mouth, the long ski slope of a Roman nose (from that angle), etc. The subtlety of the black & white picture lent further to the tease of Jack in that pose. Also, it is so noteworthy that he was a survivor of the AIDS epidemic, he got out in the nick of time that probably saved his life. It was the damn “fags” that killed him.

:-) After I posted it, I prayed you’d get the meaning. Actually, I don’t mind being called a “fag” myself, if it’s from other gay guys. But, it’s aslo the British word for cigarette. Thank you for your mercy!!

I’d like to second Obsessed’s request for a themed post featuring porn stars in coveralls?

while I am open to suggestions – YOU are gonna have to help with WHOM we can find – and no – no Barry Manilow!

LOL! Just try me, mister! Happy to help you titillate.

OK, it’s clear you already did the coveralls/rompers theme post. And fairly recently it looks like. So I’m not pressing you to do another right away. However, ever since I made that suggestion I have indeed been noticing coverall pics in my own collection. I’ll try to set them aside and send them to you and then whenever you deem the time is right to do another…

Or maybe there’s another theme we’d like explored? Any ideas?

I’m sure you’ve done it all before. I doubt I’ll come up with anything original. But now that I’ve been challenged, I’ll have to try.

Did Barry Manilow used to wear rompers when he performed? I’m only aware of the Copacabana shirt. Am I missing something? I promise no requests for anything to do with Mr. Manilow.

Love you guys,

Welcome to bjland, Johnny Llama! : )

I gather that you’re relatively new here. It’s always fun discovering, a kindred spirit who appreciates, vintage all-male porn! : P

You, I, and Parisian, in particular, are never at a loss for words, regarding this subject. As I’ve said before, we queers are nothing, if not opinionated. LOL!

I know you’re scrolling through previous posts. I know you’ll have lots of fun, doing so. I know I do!

Sweet BJ is too modest to tell you, but he actually took my suggestion here! And it’s not the first time! His generosity can’t be underestimated. I love it when I inspire ideas or themes for him!

He provided some excellent examples. Me being such a blabbermouth, I couldn’t resist adding some more!

Of course listening to me, makes me love him even more! It’s what makes him so wonderful, don’t you think? For that, I forgive him when we disagree. : )

; )


Thank you! I remember that post and the nearly endless comments that followed. I loved it!

I know BJ does his best to accommodate his followers. I haven’t seen the other coverall or rompers post yet, but I’ll be looking for it.

I also think that Toby with the coveralls is maybe the ultimate coveralls man pic. The rompers photo to end all rompers photos. I mean he’s got the Coke can AND the Coke logo on his Coke rompers. It’s like the Gordon Grant photo with the Crisco brand logo on his shirt.

Thanks again! I feel very welcomed.

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