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Hungry Hole

Hungry Hole (1976), from Brentwood. The blond is Ken Carter, and of course, there’s Paul Barresi wadding down the hall and into the booth – but the 3rd, alas, seems to have no name but “Performer 2”! The action can be a bit confusing to figure out who is doing who (whom?); but isn’t that the case at glory holes, anyway?

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The first guy with Paul looks like Jamie Wingo to me. His face appears on the back of the box. Never been able to figure out who the guy with the huge cock is though.

I don’t know who any of the unidentified performers are in this clip, my first thought was that the blond on the cover kind of looked like Tommy, the son of Linda Lavin’s character on the sitcom Alice. But after he grew up, since if that loop was made in 1976 then Philip McKeon would have been 11 or 12, and obviously that’s not right. Philip died about a year ago, I remember reading about that.

This post is in the general ballpark of something I saw on reddit, a guy was in a porn loop made in the mid 70s and lost his only copy of it, never knew what it was called or who made it but has a general description. To summarize, he was a college student, some rich “queeny” guy from Malibu had a wad of cash and asked if he and a couple of his friends wanted to make some money that day, they drove down the PCH in what he described was a red Chrysler convertible that was a few years old already, did blowjobs in the car and then more BJs and fucking when they made it to the beach. At least 4, maybe 5 or 6 surfer-looking guys, and the finished product (not sure if it was a film loop or a videotape it was added to later) had dubbed dialogue and slurping sounds, as heard in compilation tapes like Huge 1 or Summer of Scott Noll. Finished product was about 15 minutes long. Link to his thread is here:

Most of what you post about is more of the Colt variety of guys, not so much the twink genre no matter when it was made but still I thought you or one of your readers might recognize what he’s trying to find. I thought maybe Cruisin ’57 (more based on the title than anything) but the gevi description for that one didn’t seem to match, and he confirmed that wasn’t it. In another comment he said his stage name was Cody Ramsted, and one of his friends used Sean Mac but I didn’t see either of those names on gevi, and I mentioned that as studios swapped and repackaged loops and turned them into compilation tapes when VCRs became more popular a lot of times names were switched or removed from older loops entirely, which makes it even harder.

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