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Forever Hard

Men Come First

director: Francis Ellie (1980)

A door-to-door salesman (played by Brian Granger) selling “marital aids” is featured in this late 70’s film (Men Come First) that used a good dose of humor. The scene where he demonstrates their main product, Forever Hard, is soooo funny! He actually stands, and balances himself, on the guys cock after applying the balm, to show how rigid your cock becomes. There’s another scene where one of two lovers just can’t seem to cum, and the salesman has them make love in front of him so he can analyze the problem. (This is the scene with Roy Garrett, his first porn film). As they are fucking away, he takes out a bottle-rocket like apparatus, sticks it up the guy’s ass, and of course, they cum like mad!

George Payne is in a “cameo”, a fantasy scene involving leather and a huge poppers box as a backdrop. This is the scene above.

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I found the film online, and yeah, it’s pretty amusing. I do enjoy when someone can incorporate humor into porn successfully.

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