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Here’s an example of a good photo (one I can’t recall seeing elsewhere) but it’s a poor “copy” of it, as it’s something I nabbed sometime ago from an eBay auction, where it’s not scanned, but rather a photograph of a centerfold from a Roy Dean calendar from 1978.
In the fuller image below, you can see how it’s not flattened enough to photograph its best – but at least I know to keep digging for a better version –

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I remember Gordon Grant well from the 70s, but saw him in only one film, I think. I did often wonder why I didn’t see him in more films, and so thought he had had a short-lived career in porn till coming here, and he’s one of the most popular of the 70s boys. I think the one I saw was Hot Truckin’, but a quick look at GEVI shows some 10-15, not counting collections, of course. I know he’s Obsessed’s ‘Garbo’ man, and this is definitely the hottest picture I’ve seen of him. Toby has one very much like this in Colt Men #1, on a yacht, I guess.


Let me catch my breath…

Oh my dear, sweet BJ! Another one of those posts, that make me love you, even more! I had forgotten this photo. Thanks for reminding me! : )

You’ve been holding out on me, buddy! How long have you’ve had this? How dare you keep this a secret!

I always say, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! But if it needs repair, by all means! Your instincts are absolutely correct! By getting rid of the border, you do indeed; make the fold look, less conspicuous – Bravo!

It isn’t perfect, but it’s glorious enough! The physical grandeur of His Majesty, Sir Gordon Grant, suggests the grandeur of the ocean – Ah!

Gordon Grant, like such spectacular men as Clint Walker, really needs to be photographed, outdoors!

That way, the full extent of their awesomeness, can be experienced and appreciated – epic! Outdoors, they become scenic, part of the landscape – splendid!

No offense meant for Toby. I’ve proven I’m a fan! As I said before, I blame Jim French, and not him!

But this is how a MAN poses – spread ‘em! It’s the clear difference between “beefcake” and “cheesecake”!

Just look how the sun reflects on his glistening, sculptured body; the thighs, calves, six-pack, chest, arms! Even his hands and feet are sexy – magnificent! I love how his big, thick meat, flops over his thigh, like an eel!

I could be wrong, but I believe that Gordon Grant was the only model, that Roy Dean photographed with a hard-on. In my opinion, that transforms the subject from erotica or art, into genuine porn! : P

With the wind blowing through his hair, and his stern, pensive gaze, he seems heroic – mythic!

It’s amazing how so many Colt studs; seem so naturally at ease, with their nudity – no self consciousness at all! They’re like wild animals, existing in their natural habitat. : 0

This opens up such a treasure trove, of comments and observations! I’ll do my best, to be concise.

You got to admire Roy Dean’s integrity. He still insisted on calling Gordon Grant, Don Bowman, even in 1978; the year he made his last movie. This picture was actually from 1976.

I could be wrong again, but I think this was the only time, that Roy Dean devoted an entire publication, to a single model.

Like Jim French, Roy Dean endlessly photographed Gordon Grant/Don Bowman, in various locations. Indoors, on a boat, in the mountains, in a lake, on the sand, even in the snow!

I can’t resist posting one of Dean’s photos. I find this teasing image, so unbearably sexy and endearing!

I love how his muscles and flesh seem to spill out of his clothes. Just enough is shown, to make this picture titillating. : P

Both his body and face seem chiseled. Notice his high cheekbones and the subtle, slight dimple in his chin. You can only see this dimple, from a certain distance and angle. His hair looks nice.

I want to believe this picture was spontaneous, and not planned. That Gordon was caught off guard. But that would probably be a bit naïve. : (

Like Michael Christopher, Gordon Grant’s initial appearance in a film, instantly creates an atmosphere of eroticism, by how his body fills out his clothes.

You start anticipating, when he’ll remove his clothes – a casual striptease!

Contrary to belief, G.G. did have a sense of humor. He wasn’t above parodying himself. He did smile. He wasn’t always so serious.

This publication has another yacht picture, which I love. I hope this funny, lovely picture; will eventually appear on the internet – charming! : )

He’s at the wheel, completely naked, navigating this ship. He’s wearing a woman’s, oversized sun hat, while smiling broadly in the sunlight. : )

Whenever he smiles or grins, it make his facial features, look more prominent, especially his cheekbones. : )

It’s rather ironic, that both Roy Dean photos I mentioned; show him at sea.

Colt’s Jim French, was the one who named him after the famous, maritime illustrator and painter, Gordon Hope Grant.

He also gave porn star Drew Okun, the name Al Parker, after another famous illustrator and artist.

I strongly believe that Don Bowman was his real name.

Aside from Roy Dean’s “Man of Moods”, the only time he used the name, Don Bowman, was in his first porn loop, a solo, called “Bowman 1016”. I’m pretty sure this was released in 1975.

So of course, this always has me wondering; who actually discovered Gordon Grant/Don Bowman?

1976, really seems to have been a banner year for him – pretty ubiquitous. If the copyrights and release dates are to be trusted, that’s when the majority of his film roles, and print publications were done.

By 1977, all his Colt loops and publications were released. His last film “Hot Truckin’” was released in 1978. It was his only talkie. He continued to pose intermittently until 1980, and then he vanished. : (

Like a shooting star, he shined quickly and brightly, and then he was gone. : 0

Parisian baby, I know you didn’t mean anything negative, but I have to dispute your description of him, as a “70s boy”. It’s like when you used the description “male starlet”. Peace and love. : )

His Majesty, ain’t no boy – 70s or otherwise!

Sir Gordon is the complete, classic, powerful embodiment, of a MAN!

Like Clint Walker, he seems to ooze testosterone, from his pores!

The poster for Hot Truckin’ proclaims, “THE BUNDLE OF MACHO!”

I’m surprised you weren’t fully aware of his legacy, Parisian. But then, none of us can know everything. : )

For the record, he made ten porn films: Bowman 1016, Hammerhead, Flatbed, Houseboat, Lifeguard, Dirty Words aka The Crotch Watcher, Young Conquest, Gordon Grant aka Working Late, Stay Hungry aka Pumping Nine, and Hot Truckin’.

Now, for the sake of transparency, I want to be fair to Toby.

I’m not going to hide the fact, that my beloved Gordon has also, had his share of unflattering and embarrassing photos. It seems par for the course, when becoming a porn star. : (

BJ has already mentioned some of his unfortunate hairstyles. In some pictures, it does looks like his hair was chopped with a knife.

And I wish he didn’t pose for that ghastly catalogue, “Ah Men”; or as I call them “Ah Men, Ugh Clothes!”
(God, this is painful! I hope the money was worth it!)

While I’m being objective, I not going to make any claims, that he was the best performer, actor, or even the best looking star, in all-male porn. Clearly, there are other, better examples.

I discovered him in 1977, when I was eighteen. This picture that BJ posted, takes me back to that time and age!

As I’ve said before, no other porn star has impacted me as powerfully, before or since. I’m still recovering – overwhelming!

So for that sentimental reason, he’ll always be my absolute favorite!

I love stealing this quote from Camille Paglia. She said this to describe her worship, of Elizabeth Taylor.

Of course, I modified this, for my own personal use. : )

“At his best, Gordon Grant simply is.”

Endless thanks to you as usual, BJ!

; )

‘Boy’ or ‘boyish’ just means “very young” when I use it. I would have as easily said ’70s man’. I think of lots of porno guys as ‘boys’. It’s a compliment to their fresh youthfulness.

Surprised Paglia swooned over Liz. But you never know what she’ll come up with. I thought her best was BUtterfield 8–she played John O’Hara’s whore perfectly, won the Oscar–and spent the rest of her life calling it ‘trash’. I love O’Hara anyway–he’s the one who wrote the original Joey Stories and the book of the show Pal Joey, which is such a great show.

I also think she’s great in Reflections in a Golden Eye and Secret Ceremony, although in the latter, Mitchum steals the show, and he sometimes slightly intimidates with his masculinity and laughed a bit at Liz’s histrionics and in another movie, Tab Hunter wearing a ‘holiday party outfit’ out in the wilderness (I’m sure he’d been fucking him–I had a friend who stupidly passed up the opportunity. Talk about ‘once in a lifetime’.)

Fair enough, Parisian. No harm no foul. I know you didn’t mean anything, by the description, “boy”. I would never criticize anyone, for their personal style. : )

It’s just that I’m real discriminating, in the way words are used. I rarely use the word “boy”, when discussing all-male porn. I only use it, when talking about “twinks” – not my favorite at all! LOL!

For young porn stars who appear “boyish”, I usually divide them into either “hotties”, or if they have muscles, “stud-muffins”. I use both those descriptions, also as terms of endearment. : )

For my favorite stars that are big, macho, muscular, and aggressively virile, I use the word, “beast”, both as a description, and a term of endearment. : )

I would never call a star like Gordon Grant, Fred Halsted, or Ledermeister, a hottie or a stud-muffin! Like a tiger, stallion, bull, bear, etc. they were beautiful beasts – awesome!

But I digress…

Once again, I’m surprised that you weren’t aware of Camille Paglia’s worship, of Elizabeth Taylor. She’s always rhapsodizing about her. : )

I wish I could find her essay, “Elizabeth Taylor: Hollywood’s Pagan Queen” online. She wrote it for the March 1992 issue of Penthouse magazine.

It’s included in her collection of essays, “Sex, Art, and American Culture” published August 31, 2011.

“Elizabeth Taylor is, in my opinion, the greatest actress in film history.”

Well, I wouldn’t go that far – a bit hyperbolic! Paglia is still tons of fun, to read! : )

I so hope, you’re able to read this Camille Paglia tribute to Elizabeth Taylor, when she died March 23, 2011. Salon magazine interviewed Paglia, the day after.

(God, I hope this link works! Please, don’t let it be locked!)

Peace and love to you, Parisian!

; )

Well, I am also happy to refer to Gordon Grant as ’70s man’ for you. I think that applies to most of the slightly older ones of the period anyway, although I’m not sure of Grant’s age in this photo. I just looked at GEVI, and that picture of him instantly reminded me of Jimmy Smits, whom I used to love on NYPD Blue and LA Law

Oh man, I only read the first part of it, but one often has to take Ms. Paglia with a grain of salt. Her hyperbole about Taylor was already there–if she’s going to compare her to Meryl Streep, I know what she’s getting at, but there are so many others that I would have chosen over Liz, whom I do not think is all that good in most things. Did you see Paglia’s Youtube with Jordan Peterson? Dame is the most hyper thing I’ve ever seen. I’m going to find the link…although you may or may not want to get all the way through it. Here it is:

I’ll report back when I’ve read it. But, I mean, Garbo alone, even without all the other candidates, acted rings around Taylor and she was ‘total goddess’ too. but I just think Liz was often sloppy. You’d never see Catherine DeNeuve be anything but totally pro, and I’m just trying to keep it to the ‘goddess types’–not the ‘merely fine’ actresses. But I must force myself to stop, and I will read it, probably tonight.

Best to you as well, Obsessed.

I found her most incisive on BUtterfield 8, but her extreme hyper presentation is hard to take even on the printed page. Once on video was enough. She is looking at something else, and simply worships Taylor. This is getting into the matter of *screen phenomenon*, and of Hollywood actresses, I think Marilyn is much more profound, even if not the ‘tough cookie’ Paglia points out. Being so insane, Paglia naturally overdoes everything, and her talk about Foucault with Peterson I find wrong too; he is much more important than what she tries to reduce him too.

At least she ‘adores Deneuve’. Glood point about Jeanne Moreau’s decadent world-weary style, which you could see as far back as the first Les Liaisons Dangereuses. Also good about Sophia Loren, but although identified with Italy, she was as much Hollywood as Liz was when she was acting.

Interesting, though. Thanks for telling me about it. I do think she was wrong to leave out Michelle Pfeiffer, who I consider to be the last in that line of ‘Glamour-look’.

And in their ways, Dietrich and even low-down Mae West were totally comfortable in their lustful female bodies.

your welcome! what were we talking about? oh, Gordon Grant – here’s a link to collectorsrealm3 – Gordon Grant search for those interested. I will have to copy and paste your list of Gordon’s films and create a filmography post – after researching and confirming that you are accurate, of course!! (so many films pop up with other names, or part of various compilations, as you know. I would probably want to add a magazine-ography(?) – or publications list, too. We don’t see enough of Mr. Grant’s butt – so here we go –

and how ’bout as advert?

“I will have to copy and paste your list of Gordon’s films and create a filmography post – after researching and confirming that you are accurate, of course!!”

WHAT?! You’re actually implying, that I may me wrong?! Well, I never! (At least I don’t anymore, don’t believe the rumors!) : )

You go right ahead. You’ll find that I’m always right (except when I’m not)! ; )

Don’t knock yourself out, when creating a magazine/publication/advertisement list. Woody is wonderful! He’s always updating GEVI!

Go to the bottom of His Majesty’s, most recent, profile – where it says “references”. It seems pretty thorough – very impressive!

There’s also an impressive list, from SmutJunkies:

It’s fascinating that the porn titles, of two of G.G. films were stolen, from two mainstream releases.

Both “Stay Hungry” with Jeff Bridges, Sally Field, and Schwarzenegger; and “Lifeguard” with Sam Elliott, came out in 1976.

Gordon Grant was partnered with a young blond, three times!

I’ve seen a grainy version of the porn film, “Stay Hungry” online. Can’t say I was impressed. : (

The blond kid doesn’t do anything for me. The other blond kid, named Chris Burns (not that Chris Burn!) in “Dirty Words aka The Crotch Watcher”, I also don’t like. : I

That film also, isn’t one of my G.G. favorites, though I know you love it! It’s a little too raunchy and crude, for my taste. : /

Both of these towheads can’t hold a candle, to that beautiful angel, Marty Palmer! : )

He was Gordon’s, golden partner in “Houseboat (1977)”, and the publication “Olympus #3 (1975?)”, from Colt – wonderful!

Ah, they contrast beautifully; god and demigod – Apollo and Adonis! : 0 : P

I wonder where Marty came from, or whatever happened to him? He’s almost as big a mystery as Gordon is. He must have ascended back to heaven, when his work was done! : 0

It’s great that you bring up Gordon’s magnificent ass!

Bare or covered, it always looks fantastic! Even when the silly jeans he wears are girly! The same goes for the shirt, which looks like a blouse. His virility transcends it – Bravo!

This butt shot you posted from Man’s Image is great, but I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite. There are others. LOL!

I’ve been waiting for an appropriate time, to bring this up. This seems as good a time as any. : )

I love all three of Gordon’s Colt loops! All of his partners seem so honored, to be fucked by him! : P

There’s a fleeting, hot moment in “Flatbed (1976)” with Paul Storr. It only lasts for a few seconds, but I think it’s powerfully erotic! While in the back of an open pick-up truck, they engage in a sixty-nine!

Gordon has the strong, sturdy ass of a stallion – big, round, hard, and glistening! : P

No wonder it looks so powerful in the sun, as well as his lower, and upper back! Just magnificent!

(Please God, let this link work!)

Face, body, dick, or ass, from any view or angle, His Majesty, is a work of art – a living statue!

Thanks again, BJ! And good luck!

; )

thanks – I am aware of, and use, both resources – which I use as outlines, but try to verify whenever possible – GEVI publication listings often give “ads” – which is helpful verifying when a movie may have been released (in other words, unlikley an ad would go out much earlier than a few months ahead of release). Smutjunkies has had several pages over the years dealing with magazines, or stars and their appearances; I have bookmarked even the ones that no loniger get updated.

that final link – as first look it looks like someone’s tiny bald head – top right above Gordon’s shoulder – very disconcerting!

Okay, BJ! I was going to let your last comment slide, since we’re both mourning the loss of Ledermeister. : (

But I just can’t! As I’ve said before, you can only take the high road for so long, until your nose starts to bleed!

Honestly, your response still sticks in my craw! “…very disconcerting!” really? : /

I present to you a glorious piece of ASS, and all you can focus on; is the fact that Paul Storr’s bended knee, looks like a small, bald head?!

This picture may not be perfect, but it’s still hot and flagrant enough, to illustrate my point! Look at how his strong backside, glistens in the sun! : P

If I didn’t know any better, I would describe you as being a “half empty” type of person, as compared to a “half full”. But I know you’re not that cynical. : )

This hot, fleeting moment, looks even more erotic, on film!
: P

You watch Paul Storr, massaging and kneading, G.G.’s hot buns in the sun! His exploring hands and fingers, pressing and squeezing; the smooth, plushy flesh, of His Majesty’s, luminous ass cheeks – skin indentations! : P

And not only that! Why no mention, of that beautiful angel, Marty Palmer? : / : (

I hope when you clicked on the “” link, you scrolled all the way down. That way, you can see all the great pictures from “Olympus #3” and “Houseboat” – glorious! : 0

Another reason why I love G.G.’s Colt loops, is that he has partners who are handsome enough, to be worthy of him! Tony Romano, Paul Storr, and Marty Palmer, are all so cute and sensual! : )

Paul Storr looks radically different here, than he does in his Colt pictures and loop, with Mike Morris.

I always wished G.G., would have been partnered with Erron/Jeremy Brent – hottie!

I imagine it may have had the same kind of poignancy; that occurred when Erron/Jeremy, was teamed with Ledermeister and Jeff Cameron. Or at least the same hot chemistry, which he had with Bruno! : )


Whew, thank God that’s out of my system! Here’s a break. I’ll try not to scold you, either too much or too soon. : )

But when you need it! You need it! Spanky! Spanky! ; )

ha! trying to keep an open mind, I re-looked at said photo – and that tiny baldhead illusion is still very present – can’t be ignored. All I can say is that you likely see the moving image from the film, and this still reminds you of it… but to say its a good image is just not something I can agree with!

I’ve seen plenty of still pics, and film of Mr. Grant’s lovely, powerful ass, so an inferior image just won’t do!

(you’re “it”!)

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