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Paul Brooks (ish)

from the 1982 magazine The Best of Al Parker (I do not own this one, yet) is this awesome image….but… don’t get me wrong, I love AL – but wouldn’t it have been cool if the perspective was also much lower, showing the full Paul Brooks enjoying Al?

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Whatever it is, I can’t imagine wasting any time on it with Mr. Parker’s dick dangling above my nose.

Hi BJ,
I would like to see more of Paul Brooks as well. I barely know of him. Coincidentally, I was surfing the web just the other day and came across a photo featuring Paul Brooks on his knees servicing Al Parker, Mike Davis, & John Trent (aka Joe Braggs) all in circle. Paul Brooks is not facing the camera, so I’m not sure how I know it’s him, and I don’t remember where I found the pic. I have digital scans of The Best of Al Parker mag and I believe Paul Brooks can be seen in two other pics giving Al Parker a blowjob. I think they’re from the same photoshoot. But it’s just his upper body. Unfortunately, I don’t think this scene was ever released as a film. I wish I knew more about it so I could find more pics or even the whole magazine. I looked for Paul Brooks on GEVI, but no luck. Guess I’ll keep looking. Thanks

OK, it was here in BJland that I saw the 4-way with Paul Brooks. You posted the photo last year. I’ve been slowly reading all your old posts for the past week or two. Great stuff! And thanks so much for introducing me to Paul Brooks. I will search for more. Thanks! Johnny

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