Al Parker pornoclips


Director: Al Parker (1984)

Starring: Nick Rodgers, Chris West, Kevin Hunt, Mark Edwards, AL Parker, Daniel Holt, Chris Allen, Jesse Koehler, Gregory Girrard, Shawn Easton, and Brad Peters

Okay, just the preview is reminding me how much I loved watching Nick and Chris West together – and then when Chris gets it on with furry fuzzy Brad Peters (who you may remember from such films as Nova’s Neighborhood Watch, Surge’s A Few Good Men, Higgins’ Brothers Should Do It, and an odd little compilation called Singlehanded ) and it’s supposed to be a 3-way but who’s paying attention to Shawn Easton…. dig out your VCR and check for yourself!

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Ah Rangers, I remember seeing this one at a porn theatre in the 80s. One of those old time legit movie theatres that had fallen into disrepair and so it was converted to XXX fare, the straight films played in the main part of the inside of the theatre, but there was a section closest to the original screen that was partitioned off and played the gay films (entrance in rear lol). Aside from the theatre clientele which was a buffet of cock when busy, the things I remember the most about the film are the slow-motion cumshots (seeing Chris and Nick unload on each other’s faces while watching the campers through the binoculars was hypnotic); the scene where Al ties himself into a mass of dick and balls with a leather shoelace so that Chris Allen can slide his dick through the hole and into Daniel Holt’s mouth; and then the absolute lack of any music whatsoever, which I don’t think I realized at the time. All you hear are crickets and woodsy sounds, literally, which gives the film a different feel than other films Al made. I guess the scene with Al chopping wood with two ther guys has never seen the light of day, except in magazine stills? Too bad, I bet that was hot too.

As to Brad Peters (aka Keith James) yes, he was sexy and hairy and had quite a big dick. I just rewatched These Bases Are Loaded and he’s in that film, but Higgins practically ignored him while filming the scenes, you catch him mostly in the background while endless shots of Derrick Stanton, Jon King dominate the locker room scenes. Gevi mentions he quit using the name Brad and switched to Keith in part because he had acquired a bad reputation, don’t know what that was about or if he did anything to earn that distinction. There are pics of him on retro studs (I think I linked to you to one of those pages not long ago?) and one pic where he’s outside squatted down, his dick almost reaching the rock beneath him and his smile was so cute, that’s a great shot.

Thanks BJ! I am delirious over Rangers. Chris West! The missing scene! Mr. Parker’s tortured, twisted dick! Oh, there’s the Surge sign! Wasn’t there a story about them naming the studio because they saw the old sign? Or did I just make that up? Gay porn folklore!

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