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What are you trying to do to me!?

One of the best photos of Moose. However, I know the topics is shorts, and I get it. The right kind of shorts can reveal a lot in public either on purpose or by accident. You can see who’s wearing briefs and who…isn’t.

Sweat pants are also wonderful this way. You can see everything!

In the case of Moose here, it is implied that he has removed his jock without taking off his shorts, which is just sooo hot.

Most shorts these days come down to the knee and that is sad, although I never tire of admiring calves.

This is pretty uncanny, BJ buddy! I’ve said before that I sometimes think you’re psychic! Our brain synapses seem to connect! : 0

This is all the more appropriate after the names Joe Andrews, Scott Cooper, Nick Rodgers, Michael Muncie, and Sean Gregory, have been recently mentioned.

Much as I adore handsome men, what I really value is how masculine a man looks – Alpha Hunter! There’s a certain kind of face that I look for; a distinct kind of ruggedness, perhaps a blue-collar appeal.

It’s almost a little hard to describe, but to quote Justice Potter Stewart, “I know it, when I see it.”

I always mention Colt’s “Moose” as a perfect example, of a porn model that wasn’t picture-perfect, but still undeniably sexy – virile and earthy! : P

He had a slight overbite, thinning hair, and a rather large, square head. Yet these imperfections somehow make him seem, all the more interesting. : )

Aside from the models that looked divine, Jim French also celebrated men who weren’t pretty. : )

At the top of my head, beside Moose, I can think of Mickey Squires, Jack Hacker, Butch McAlister (Stash Pulaski), Ed Wiley, Frank Vickers, Gunner Hyde, and Joe Magnum, etc.

They all had “It”! Lou Thomas and Joe Gage also saw beauty, in all types of men. : )

More than anything else, what really gets me off in all-male porn is seeing masculine guys, have sex! “Twinks” don’t do anything for me. You can keep your chicken, I’ll order the beef! : P

In the recent past, you’ve had guys like Ken Mack, Marc West, Luke Piersol aka Rich Wrangler, Josh West, Mike Grant, Steve Trevor, Dak Ramsey, Cliff Rhodes, C.J. Madison, Samuel Colt, Cole Tucker, and Andreas Stern, etc.

You never did tell me what you think of today’s more current examples. I know you like Rocco Steele, but how about Max Sargent, Bishop Angus, Michael Roman, Kristofer Weston, Leo Grando, Derek Bolt, Dale Savage, Myles Landon, Nick Capra, Jesse Zeppelin, Sergeant Miles, etc.? They aren’t pretty, but they’re definitely compelling!

By the way, “Welcome to My World” is a great website! Thank you Daniel!

You can get quite an education in vintage gay porn, from that, as well as Retro Studs and of course, your blog! : )

On a side note, it’s interesting that gay slang uses animal analogies, to describe the different types of men – bears, otters, stallions, wolves, pigs, bulls, dogs, tigers, etc.

It makes sense, because the hottest men have an animal sensuality.
: P

A few years ago, I discovered a now defunct gay porn site, which celebrated what the owner described as men, who were “Moose”. It featured guys who were “ugly-hot”, sexy but not handsome. : )

Somehow, his idea/description, never did catch on – no need to trademark! : (

I don’t really use the word “ugly-hot”, but I understand the concept. A literal moose does indeed look both majestic and ridiculous. : /

Alex Anderson, the creator of the cartoon character “Bullwinkle” said this about moose:

“There’s something majestic about” moose, Anderson said in 1991. “They’re macho, but they have a comic aspect, with that schnozzola of theirs. There are few creatures just begging to be caricatured.”

Colt’s Moose may not be stunningly handsome, but he’ll never be caricatured!

; )


Yes, I agree completely. This has been my favorite “type” for the longest time. I used to point out men to my sisters and they never liked the ones that I thought were hot. They liked only the beauties. But these “rough diamonds” were in fact beauties to me. I know that expression usually refers to a person’s character as opposed to their looks, so I altered it.

I enjoy hearing about your favorites. You are really good at these lists of porn star names, and I am right there with you in almost every case. Sergeant Miles!!! I know, BJ, it’s “off topic.” But I can’t get enough of that man. He’s maybe not so great as a human, (I disagree with him on a number of topics), but I think he is amazing as a performer and as a fantasy. Just don’t visit his Twitter. I sometimes go on a Twitter to mine for photos, but it’s hard to do without reading the tweets which can lead to disillusion.

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