Dirt Bikes

Falcon Studios (1978)

Starring: Kyle Hazard, Dave Connors, Ty Granger

“Storming down off the hill, a pair of sweaty, sex-revved bikers pull into a buddy’s place for a cool brew. The good-looking blond host has been out back working up a sweat of his own, and his surprise visit is a welcomed beer break. But, before you can say “Make mine bud,” he gets the real picture. Instead of cooling off, these biker studs are all heated up for a little susk-‘n’-fuck action on the spot – a helluva lot of heavy action, in fact! Clothes quickly shed, the eager blond immediately starts receiving rough intrusions on both ends, his hungry mouth and pulsing butthole loving every powerful piston-pumping stroke of those thick, long biker dicks!”

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One of Falcon’s best loops! Always wondered what happened to Ty Granger, and I can’t find any source for GEVI’s claim that Kyle Hazard died in 1988.


You’re a fantastic porn scholar!

As you can see, BJ’s audience has grown steadily through the years. I’m sure so many of his readers could benefit, from your knowledge and opinion. I only hope that Johnny Llama and Parisian are familiar with you!

Yes, I’m definitely trying to guilt trip you, into commenting more often – Full Disclosure!

It’s so frustrating that you only pop your head out occasionally, like a ground hog! Come out of hiding! It’s a pleasure reading you, when one can! Don’t be so stingy!

I feel like I’m experiencing coitus-interruptus, because you comment so rarely – pleasant but fleeting!

I’ll even forgive you, for what you said about my beloved, Gordon Grant! ; )

Whew, glad that’s out of my system! But let me talk about the subject at hand! : P

I agree that both this loop and the publication are fantastic! I used to own this magazine! All three stars are hot! I believe this was Dave Connors’ first porn film. It’s so raw and raunchy – a real fuck fest!

#1 – I love the publication cover! All three of them have great bodies and skin – sensual! Tan-lines are forever!

It’s curious that before video, Falcon used to feature models that were more rugged and mature – real men! Once VHS came in, it was mostly collegiate pretty boys. To think they actually used stars like Holtz and Ed Wiley, before then. : 0

It’s a credit to your website BJ honey that you attract such great readers as Casey Scott, Joe Llama, and Parisian, among others – bees to honey! : )

Love you all! Mean it!

; )

Wow! What a great clip. I agree with everything that was said about this incredible loop and its three drool-worthy stars.

I used to have all of these old Falcon loops on VHS, and I started to collect them on DVD before that seemed to start to become obsolete. I’m a little more careful with my money these days, so I haven’t seen some of these in quite a while. Fortunately, I have Dirt Bikes the magazine, so that’s something. Still, it’s a titillating trip down memory lane.

I also have 2 or 3 mags featuring the lovely Ty Granger. Maybe I’ll send one of them to BJ and *maybe* he’ll do a post. No pressure though, BJ. Don’t want to add to the drafts folder.

Thanks for the clip, BJ!

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