firebearman (bearfireman? cigarfirepaul?)

and why did I sell my Bear Magazine issue #23 (1993) with photography from JIM WIGLER, which includes
cover model PAUL BARESSI – interview covering his start in porn, his relationship with John Tavolta, and more importantly – 11 pics including a 2-page centerfold? and yes, I am sure I’ve posted this particular pic before….if I come up with more from that issue, you’ll be the first to know

more Barresi

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have had a thing for Paul since I stole my dad’s Hustler Magazine back in the 70s/early 80s…. was with a woman and never erect, but didn’t care- maybe 10 pics of that glorious chest and at 13, limp dick was all I needed.

I never would have thought that was Mr. Bearressi (ha). It’s a hot photo, but I didn’t recognize the man. Maybe because it is from 1993?

I love seeing “new” stuff. Thanks BJ!

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