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bears need not apply

do NOT, i say DO NOT laugh at Daniel Holt trying to chop wood. This is a clip from Al Parker’s Rangers, that inexplicably starts with 3 “lumberjacks” chopping wood (Al Parker, Daniel Holt, and Zeke James), they decide to call it a day and go back to some cabin, and somehow lose the bear – ZEKE! – , and gain blond Chris Allen for the 3-way. Nice 3-way, don’t get me wrong – but you introduce a character in porn, you see them have sex in porn, Al! We have to wait 4 more years fro the Zeke scene to appear, out of any context, in A Night Alone With Al Parker – which I sold stupidly and have yet to re-aquire. Just check out the 3-crotch pic, where you see the tease of Zeke’s orange bush getting grabbed by Al – who would cut this scene out!

ZEKE’s only known film appearance, delayed by 4 years before the public could see!

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4 replies on “bears need not apply”

I have to agree that is a long time to wait for a scene. I’d love to know the reason they made that decision.

I didn’t have to wait though and both three-ways are pretty hot so I don’t need to complain.

It is funny that Daniel Holt should’ve had woodchopping lessons for that scene. I’ll forgive him though because…you know…that dick. Also, I feel like it should be a rule that when men chop wood they do it shirtless. Especially in a porn film.

And then *chomp* wood.

I wonder if that’s related to “throwing like a girl”, which we definitely wanted to avoid in sports as kids. I may have started that way, but was quickly corrected; you and easily feel the difference. My sister was said to be able to “throw like a man”, and she won those silly beauty contests and was totally feminine.

I would have thought they’d have caught that, and it wouldn’t require much training.

ha! they barely do 2nd takes on not-so-good sex scenes! waste precious film on a better wood-chopping scene – save that for the wood-chomping!

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