90's porn guys on bikes

Kawasaki 1000

from Sailor in The Wild 2 (1990)

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Tom Steele always projected an immense sexual swagger and intensity. I’m sure in no small part to his confidence from his big dick.

I am crazy about this photo. Why is a naked man on a motorcycle so sexy? Or even just with a motorcycle nearby, and he’s suddenly that much hotter? Maybe I should get a motorcycle?

Tom Steele is so late 80s. His hair was always perfect. I remember him in “Undercover” with Doug Niles. Oh, and Butch Taylor! I am such a Butch Taylor fan. Hint hint, BJ!

Wish I could find it, there’s pics from one of the scenes in Undercover that johnny llama mentioned above, where Tom Steele is sitting in a chair looking through a big pair of binoculars he’s holding in one hand, mostly obscuring his face. And stroking his big dick which is in the other hand. He was fairly short (as a lot of porn stars are/were, that’s why some of their dicks LOOK so big – lookin’ at you, Jack Wrangler) but Tom was pretty hot, considering. I liked Butch Taylor too but I know this is not a popularity contest around here lol.

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