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oops! did I sell this issue of Mandate with Justin Cade ?

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His face looks handsomer here than I’ve ever seen it. Is that from 1983? I didn’t discover him till Uncut, 1987 I think. Probably the hair and lighting. Love his tits. Great pictures of his Basket and thick perineum at top of first page of his smutjunkies, and opens Crotch profanely at the bottom of that page, second only to Garcia–in photos I’ve seen thus far, that is. Gorgeous, primeval foreskin.

That was such a delicious photospread. The other outfit with the tiny shorts and headband was so 80s, but undeniably hot. The centerfold was such a great showcase of his sweaty chest and meaty nips.

It’s almost impossible to see Justin Cade without thinking of Joe Cade. Both such incredible men, but Justin is my favorite.

I decided to comment on this Justin Cade post here, because it’s less crowded.

A reader named Redge Erb. “AKA” Justin Cade; previously replied to you, with some VERY convincing details. I do hope it was actually him! : 0

He mentioned his work with Colt. I previously posted a website link; showing the pictures, where he’s listed as “Justin Kincaid”. I found a better, bigger version here below. You can enlarge:

(I hope these links work!)

I’ve mentioned before how much I love his big ass! How I wish he would have been fucked “doggie-style” on film, as opposed to “missionary style”!

This is probably my favorite “glamour”, butt shot of his. I wanted to post it before, but I couldn’t find it! It’s from Advocate Men magazine. I’ve never forgotten it! I used to own it!

I love the expression on his face! He looks like a young, sexier, Alex Trebek. I could bang him for hours!

(You can also enlarge.)

Parisian, my dear! We’re going to have to agree, to disagree! : (

Don’t get me wrong! I love witnessing both types of anal sex on film! But as I’ve said before, if only “missionary” is shown, I feel deprived and cheated! : /

At least you acknowledged; yours is a minority taste. : )

“Doggie” is of course, more animalistic – hence, sexier! I love when a bodacious booty jiggles, as it’s being banged! I also love when the fuckee, turns his head over his shoulder; to look at his fucker – HOT!

Here are a few pictures from Falcon’s “Made for You (1989)” with our mutual “fave rave”; the beautiful Joe Cade (Justin’s beau), and the disappointing, Rex Chandler – to illustrate my point.

You mentioned that there are porn pictures stills that you prefer, over filmed, action shots. You described enjoying them, like sculptures. I know exactly what you mean!

These pictures below are a perfect illustration! Don’t be fooled!

On film, this scene is left me limp! And it’s all the fault of “gay-for-pay”, tradey, Rex Chandler!

He was the only porn star, who broke my heart! I so wanted him to be better, because he was romantically handsome, and masculine. : (

He was paired off with some of the most beautiful men in all-male porn, but he remained cold as a fish!

On the surface, he and Joe Cade looked great together! They should have been a dynamic duo! But Chandler’s heart definitely wasn’t in it! Typically, he lets the bottom, do all the work.

Still, I have to admit, I love this picture – sizzling! There’s so much raunchy detail, to savor! Tan-lines are forever! Love their butts and muscles! I’m sure BJ, appreciates their clean, feet soles.

Viscerally, like Justin Cade; I could bang both of these studs, forever! Yeah, I know. Rex wouldn’t let me. : (

Now Parisian, my dear; are you really going to tell me, that you prefer THIS picture? ZZZzzz…

Mon dieu! Hey BJ, you agree with me, don’t you? Back me up. I DON’T MEAN SEXUALLY! LOL!

You and your readers BJ; are wonderful! And to think you have some famous ones!

; )

some nice research there – can you tell me which COLT publication CADE appeared in – yes those pics are very nice!

“Hey BJ, you agree with me, don’t you? Back me up.” – – ummmmmmm!

“On January 1, 1987, Jim French released “Colt Studio Presents #10: Men at Work”. Here’s a picture of the back cover with the gorgeous, Russ Taggart!”

Honestly, BJ! I keep telling you to take notes! This really didn’t take all that much research. How quickly you forget my replies! : /

“I didn’t remember saying I was “in a minority” about “missionary style” ass-fucking, but if you say so, I probably just don’t remember.”

Honestly, mon ami! You should also take notes! This should refresh both you and BJ’s, memory!

; )

I didn’t remember saying I was “in a minority” about “missionary style” ass-fucking, but if you say so, I probably just don’t remember. You say “doggie-style” is “more animalistic” but I like missionary-style because it is so outrageous and perverted. My first older lover fucked me doggie-style and I got into it, but my second got me into missionary (I was 20) and I never went back for any length of time. I like the echo of heterosexual coitus, although I never felt like a woman, and I liked topping also missionary style. I can’t find the exact word….profane and obscene, both words I love when talking of the best fucking, although it’s interesting I was never interested in leather and S & M and “mind-fucking” and obviousy dirty things such as happened at the Mineshaft. I’m horrified I haven’t been fucked since 2010, but those were magnificent moments, and another version of “Missionary” is “Sitting on the Prick”, which I totally love is my ass is perfectly supple. That was the same “Eric” I mentioned before, and I was in strict missionary position when he went so deep I swear I turned into Michelle Pfeiffer and screamed “Oh god, that feels so good!” So I don’t know about “animal” versus “perverted and obscene”.

Chandler is not so distinguished, just sort of an ordinary post, but good-looking with little affect.

I used to love Justin most of the Cade Cousins like Johnny, but now still love him, but to nowhere the degree of Joe Cade, who is simply beautiful and has such charm as well that magnificent body and Prick. His face is gorgeous and such a smile. Justin’s face is probably his least arresting feature, and I agree with the total desirability of his “big ass”. His Prick is just what I love to suck too (and I’d be fine with my ASS sucking that Dick too, you know), but Joe still outranks him by now for me; there’s just something so sweet and lovable about him. His body is more towering and imposing as well, but still…they made a beautiful couple, and I’m sure they think back on it often. Joe would definitely be more fun to go to a party or out to dinner with, though. What would you talk about with Justin? He never smiles.

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