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Great clip!

I’d love to know the identity of the guy who played his doppelganger. I guess we’ll never know.

Love the music, wonder what it is.

The clip looks like a loop from the late Sixties. The music sounds like it might be by Craig Armstrong who is most famous for arranging strings on early Massive Attack singles, so I suspect the music and visuals were joined later

Also, this sounds like it might be a 12 inch 45 played at 33 rpm.

detrik, I don’t know when the scene was filmed, my guess would be 70s but I could be off. This clip seems like it’s definitely been remastered and streamed online, the blurred out box in the lower left corner may have said “Colt” before it was altered. I’d defer to the experts as far as the video part goes.

Don’t know the audio either but it seems likely it was added when the clip was cleaned up as well. It put me in mind of Patrick Cowley, not his Menergy / Do Ya Wanna Funk Hi-NRG songs but rather the porn music he made, which for years only existed in old copies of the Fox films like School Daze and Muscle Up. Now a lot of these songs have titles based off of Patrick’s notes, and compilation albums by Dark Entries, since it was experimental synth music in his own vault that he allowed Fox to use for their porn films. It put me in mind of songs from the album called School Daze like Out Of Body or Nightcrawler, but especially this one from Muscle Up that is called The Jungle Dream:

Mind you, I don’t think it was Cowley, just sounds like that style. Somebody who uses shazam might be able to pinpoint an artist or title. Interesting theory that it could have been slowed down from its original form, it wouldn’t be the first time a porn film did something like that to try and avoid detection.

the film was originally made in 1975, offered for sale as an 8MM – then in 3 subsequent compilation tapes – in 1980/81 – Colt VT-302; then again in The Best of Colt Films 14 (1994) and finally in Man-to-Man Heat! (2001) – I am guessing the music was added in the 1994 or 2001 version – would love to compare with the VT-302 version.

as far as the blurred logo goes, COLT films don’t use that, unless it’s from the COLT website, perhaps.

music – no idea the source – but certainly not from 1975

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