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We’ll come back to the subject of Alan Purnell Productions, I promise. Busy trying to enjoy last few weeks of summer – panic sets in when I realize I’ve only been in the ocean 3 times, only 12 whale watches, Long Point only once! the list goes on. Someone mentioned (scold me later) HIM productions only released one film – possibly true, but Alan Purnell at GEVI – is missing Satan’s Boy (1975) – and while we love GEVI, of course there are errors, and missing info, especially gay films from the 1970’s.

The above issue of HIM 28, published in 1980, makes it clear 1982 was unlikely to be the date the movie was released, but quite likely the VHS made it over to America around then. Also makes me wonder about the 50 or 52 minutes of the movie’s length – might the original release have been more? Are there any outtakes, unedited footage somewhere???

So let’s definitely come back to director Alan Purnell, and his 2, or 3, or 4 (“Hard Dollar Hustler”??) or more films. And the publications, alas, all seemingly British, but digging deeper, we’ll get beyond Him.

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Wow BJ, now I’m really confused! : /

I was going to send you this e-mail below, because posting a “gif” link, set off your spam filter!

“Oops! So sorry about that BJ! I’ll now know, not to ever post any “gifs” again! I had no idea it would set off you spam filter! As you can tell, I’ve really been extra cautious, not to do that – live and learn!”

But now I see that you actually used the animated logo, which I posted! Maybe I shouldn’t apologize! : I

I had some other amusing gifs, but I deleted them, because I didn’t want the same thing happening again. Maybe as due course, I still shouldn’t do it. Don’t ever hesitate to give me guidelines! : )

It is a great, sexy logo isn’t it? Another great picture of Toby! Here he looks like singer, B.J. Thomas! : )

I like that gif a lot obsessed, I noticed that at the very beginning of the copy of the film I just watched (think it was on xhamster but it could have been another site). Fox Studio’s graphics are wonderful too, of course most of them were amateurish or just lame but some managed to be unique.

not sure if it was the gif itself,. or the link to blogspot – the filter is good, and sets aside “suspicious” comments for my approval, like those with many links. In any case, it got approved, all is well, don’t hesitate, as I just have to approve if it happens again

Gather ye rose-buds while ye may / Old Time is still a-flying / And this same flower that smiles today / Tomorrow will be dying …

Enjoy your explorations of nature and other pursuits BJ, those are as important as the porno crazed ramblings. The rest of Robert Herrick’s poem linked below, and don’t let the part about “to the virgins” scare you off because I think it applies to us all equally:

My only knowledge of Alan Purcell’s work is the awesome “Workout” with the sexy scenes with Toby and Ross Sanderson and the muscle-puppy Morgan Winner. It was different, for sure, but in a good way. Would love to know more about this director.

12 whale watches in one summer seems like a lot to me, but I hope you get more BJ. Are you an ocean biologist in your day job or do you just really like whales? You don’t have to answer that. Whales are pretty awesome.

Interesting post. Now I can’t stop thinking about Toby putting his dick in that clamp. Also, Morgan Winner’s explosive cumshot. Wow, gotta go find that video! Thanks BJ!

Hmmm, looking at the few HIM mags that I have. Noticed that some say “HIM Monthly” on the cover, while others say “HIM Magazine” (No22 1989) or “HIM Exclusive” (No12 1978). Did they change the name as the magazine evolved?

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