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Halsted and….

I might guess Dan Pace / Rocky Genero, but, I dunno….

note: sorry for the quality, but these images are from slides posted to eBay for sale some months back

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I guess the one with the delectable Ass is Halsted, a model most here know well. I’ve heard the name back in the day, but was probably not paying attention to the movies that much, although the list at GEVI is pretty impressive. L.A. Plays Itself is the classic gay film, isn’t it? I don’t think I saw it. Did you know there was in the early 00s a documentary inspired by this film called Los Angeles Plays Itself, a lot of footage of films that started being filmed in various locations of L.A. outside studios in Hollywood (Bunker Hill, etc., that dept. store downtown, others)? It was quite good if you’re an LA aficionado.

The model in the middle of the colour picture on the above post is also quite something–I don’t know whether I prefer his face or his funky masculine pit.

Oh wow, I guess I can’t scold you. Not that I enjoy it. *wink* *wink*
; )

“note: sorry for the quality, but these images are from slides posted to eBay for sale some months back”

Ah, that explains things! I’m so glad I read this, before I was going to admonish you. And yes, you do deserve credit; for at least posting better pictures in “Halsted and.…? (pt. 2)”. : )

Can you ever forgive me, my sweet BJ? How’s that, for buttering up?
: )

Still, I hope you find a better version of this first picture showing Halsted; bare-assed on a motorcycle – compelling! I’ve never seen this before! Thank you so much!

As I asked before, I wonder what the inside story is, on why Fred agreed to pose for Target. As we all know; he was pretty possessive about his own material – not the easiest person to get along with, business-wise.

Maybe this was before he established his own studio,”Cosco – Damn Good Men!”

I also wish he wasn’t wearing shades. His eyes were always so insinuating and powerful!

Fred went through a number of different looks, during his porn career. The side-burns actually work rather well, with the leather theme.

Like others including you, I’m also frustrated that so many Target models; can’t be identified, or resemble other models from the same studio – confusing! : (

I love and revere, both Jim French aka Rip Colt, and Lou Thomas aka Jon Target.

But I have to give the edge to Jim French. Regardless if one didn’t like some of his models; they were all easily identifiable and unique. They all had their own distinct look and persona. You can’t confuse them with anyone else.

How I wish Fred Halsted, would have also posed for Colt! At his best, he was movie star gorgeous!

One last thing, I noticed this quite often in porn publications, especially Nova Studios. Check out the second and third picture. Notice that you don’t actually see a dick inside a mouth, or let’s say on other occasions, an anus.

There’s always some way of simulation or covering up. I’m guessing they do this deliberately, so they won’t have any legal troubles distributing adult material, through t he mail.

A lot of times, this could actually be rather sexy and teasing. Though I have to admit, I prefer such stuff to be “FLAGRANTE DELICTO!” LOL! : P

More comments in “Part Two”…

; )

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