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oh Joe

Stud Brothers, Joe Markum or Joe Markham or Joe Markhum ….

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Joe is a very handsome man, a hard lithe body, and a beautiful big dick, and a man who really knew how to fuck. Loved watching his films. The pic you posted is really hot. Hope he is still around.

Do any of you know this? I found it under Ray Fuller, but that’s Markum fucking and sucking him, isn’t it? I think Markum was one of the first porn stars I ever saw in early 70s movies, at the really old houses like the Park-Miller, where I also saw Bijou. I don’t remember him in magazines then, only what I’ve seen here. Ray is totally versatile, there are some scenes from Pool Party that show his virtuosity. Someone uploaded it. There’s also a brief clip with Ray fucking “Beauty” which has stills in “Ballin’ With Ray”, which I got off NaughtyBids, 30 years after I first owned it and lost it. Somebody had a whole collection of Ray’s mags and I bought all of them.

Unfortunate material about Markum at GEVI, though. I wonder if such things are common.

I first discovered Ray in “Ballin’ With Ray”, where is so smokin’ Prick you can hardly stand it. But it looks like there are at least a few more online I can watch. I hadn’t seem him in films before, and Markum only one (I remember finding him the sexiest of those really early 70s gay films.)

I suppose it must be. Anthony amusingly says that Fuller has one of the “biggest and most educated cocks”, and why not. Never thought of Prick I.Q. Grant Prods. says “the two are lovers and make movies for fun and money together”. If so, only ones I’ve heard of besides Cade Cousins.

The only one I know of Fuller’s is Pool Party, which has some other big names in it–John Holmes and Bill Eld, although I heard of Ray well before the two others. He may have started a few years earlier, but then didn’t continue to make films or mags that I have seen written of. Falcon has both part of Pool Party and a couple of Bert Edwards films, so I did the “trial offer” the other night and watched them, and then cancelled–nothing else I needed to see. $1, quite good value.

There’s only one of Ray, and that’s with the charming young blond boy who sucks him and gets fucked by him, and the stills from the old mag I have “Ballin’ with Ray” are from this film. Interestingly, they cut out the best view in the mag of the young kid sitting on Ray’s monster. It’s a nice scene, they are lovely together.

I do see that Bill Eld was already at work, and I knew Markhum was, but I didn’t even know John Holmes was yet, and these were before most of the guys we talk about here–no Colt yet, Eld wasn’t quite famous yet (I don’t think, 1972), before Adam and Yves, and definitely before a lot of others like Wrangler and Gordon Grant. Bert Edwards a good deal later. There were listed all these mags and “albums” for Fuller, but I’m sure they’re tucked away with some collector. You can’t access any of them. I thought he and Edwards must surely both be Texans, but Fuller is from San Francisco and Edwards from Quebec City. They had that particular cowboyish style though.

Fuller seems such a top, it’s surprising to see him getting fucked, and another clip I found years ago is all about Ray getting fucked (I don’t know if it’s Markhum). Nothing hotter than a super-hung bottom, and Ray tops in the Pool Party scene with the charming young blond, as he usually does. Most of Fuller’s listings don’t list The Longest Day, or even much of his work at all, but I would love to see it if it ever comes to light.

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